November 9th, 2009

ball of yarn

A crafty interlude

Some photos of some things I've been working on lately.

Now redbraids has finally received it, her block for the quilting bee:

Late last week, catundra offered to help me out of my paralysis in progressing my Kimono Wallhanging by recutting the red borders which, um, were cut crooked. She fixed those and cut the final borders for me and this is how far along the project is now:

Not sure if you can see but the fabric is slightly skewed on the top border so that it moves from no symbols to the top bit of the symbols of the row below where it meets the red border. I'm debating unpicking this. Grr.

And at the same time catundra was fixing this, I was telling her about the red diamonds issue on the tumbling blocks quilt - that I know where they are going but they aren't really working for me. Suddenly we were on a mad dash out to the patchwork shop before closing, I'd bought new red fabrics and this is the new test block for random insertion in the monochrome: