November 12th, 2009


If I'm not free, what's the point of being safe?

Ya know? All things considered, and having half my family on my mother's side brutally murdered as a result of Hitler's policies, I'm gonna go with ... um ... NO! I DO NOT PLACE SECURITY ABOVE FREEDOM! NAZI LOVING BASTARD!

If I'm not free, what's the point of being safe?

A Western Australian politician says his comments about Hitler during a debate in State Parliament have been misrepresented.
The WA Government wants to give police greater powers to search people for weapons and drugs in Perth's entertainment precinct without having to prove grounds of suspicion.
Liberal backbencher Peter Abetz spoke in support of the laws and used the example of Hitler.
He told Parliament the dictator gained support because he provided security in a time of anarchy, and that people place greater value on security than freedom.
Mr Abetz says he was not citing Hitler as an example of effective security, but was merely repeating his German mother's explanation of how Hitler gained the support of the German people.

I'm going to pause here to reflect for a minute. Often I am embarrassed by the politics at the state and federal level in this country. I have been known to refer to it as Mickey Mouse Country more than once or twice. Here, we see an example - we have a politician IN PARLIAMENT, proposing a new law, or a change to a law or a change in position with respect to the law and INSTEAD OF USING RESEARCH OR UNIVERSITY LEARNING or ASKING FOR ADVICE ... HE IS FUCKING QUOTING HIS GRANDMOTHER as an HISTORICAL SOURCE.

Unless his grandmother is Golda Meir or similar, I think this dude SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM PARLIAMENT.

Seriously? His grandmother told him that? Is he fucking kidding me?

Mr Abetz says in Australia, measures like random breath testing or airline security show people are prepared to give up certain freedoms in exchange for safety and security.
"It's like going to the airport - nobody bats an eyelid about the fact that you have to be searched and we agree to that because we would much rather give up the freedom of not being searched than getting blown out of the sky," he said.
Tom Percy from the Australian Lawyers Alliance is opposed to the legislation and says the comments in Parliament were extraordinary.
"They run contrary to everything any Australian would believe is inherent to our national sense of democracy," he said.
The Opposition has proposed changes to the legislation which it says would provide greater checks and balances.

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*shaking my head*

I'm giving up on them today. Just saw a snippet of Kevin Rudd aka our Prime Minister visiting our troops in Afghanistan. He's sitting eating with some in the mess and he takes a mouthful of food and asks one of the men, "Are you having fun?"

I'M SORRY?!?! What THE FREAKING FUCK? Did he just ask a serving soldier in the Australian Army if he was having fun ... serving. Whilst we are occupying a foreign country?! REALLY?

And I dunno if it's worse that the soldier replied, "Yes."

Today it all feels a bit wrong.


not the most awesome of days

Last night at yoga I discovered I am in agony with my Crohns - it always strikes me as bizarre how you can just get used to a way of being, and for discomforts to just become background noise/stress. Since I tried a few moves last night whereupon I discovered my guts ache all the time with the occasional stabbing pain, I've noticed it as constant since. And I have no idea when the pain started. No idea at all. Just the lingering of the flare up from a couple of months ago.

Today I didn't get paid. A payroll glitch. Ugh. The few people I mentioned this to offered to loan me money which is really lovely. I have money put aside for a rainy day and today it was raining - car insurance was due today and my credit card bill. So it's all good but that was ALL my rainy day money so I feel quite stressed and panicky not to have my safety net. And I know it will get sorted and that pay will go back into the rainy day fund but even so, I have been stressed about money all day. The TPP stuff is not sorted and that suddenly is urgent and I want to know what my budgets look like for 2010 and how much money TPP owes me. All that stressful stuff.

Then I came home to a traffic infringment. Grr. For something I don't remember having done (oh they have photos alright). Grr.

I'll stop grumbling and moaning now.

This week I've been watching Coupling Seasons 1 through 3. Just started 4 tonight. I've been mostly meh about it - it's hard not to compare to Friends. But moments have really tickled me:

I just want you to know, I was against the costume thing
I wasn't!
And the dancing.
I invented this dance!