November 18th, 2009


It's just a dream!

I'm very exhausted and stressed after my night time escapade. I dreamed I had to bury a body (a large dead man's body) and I couldn't be bothered so I kept putting it off and was driving around with this dead body in the boot of my car. And I kinda had this feeling that he was decomposing into the carpet lining the boot but I didn't check to see. Eventually my parents were like, dude, you gotta bury the body and said that I may as well do it in their backyard to draw the least attention. My mother was like, "There's nothing that's going to be in that back flowerbed?" and my Dad was like, "Well I might need it later ... but oookay." So then my Dad was pointing out to me what 3 feet looked like, the elevation from the top to the paved edge of their backyard and I was all, "man, 6 feet is really deep! Do you really need to go that deep?" And they were all yeah you do. And I so couldn't be bothered to dig a hole 6 feet deep and was just wandering around with the shovel.

And then flinthart appeared out of nowhere - well I went to pick him up from the train station - and he was loaded up like a packhorse and thrust a four year old girl at me (I assume Mau Mau and I assume this bit is cause I am going to be seeing them all next month).

Ugh, it was exhausting and tiring.

Probably should not drink in the middle of the week.

Someone at work interpreted it as something from my past that I am carrying around with me, likely related to work, that I need to move on from.

In other news, I have remembered how I got addicted to etsy at al in the first place as a bunch of things I ordered as the dollar improved have been arriving at my place. I bought Booklife a while ago and have been enjoying that. Dollhouse season 1 arrived at the end of last week though I haven't managed to get very far into it yet on account of being busy. I also ordered the Big Sleep at the same time - something tells me I should have seen this film. Or read the book. Ahem. I subscribed to Locus and the first issue arrived yesterday. I've already had a good read through it. I discovered something of great import which has now evaded me ... oh yes, now I remember Little Women and Werewolves is gonna happen. Grumble.

The craft packages are yet to arrive. I think so far I only ordered one batch of hand dyed yarn - seems weird and mostly I am banned from buying yarn (if you'd seen my stash and the fact that I am quilting and not knitting, you'd agree) but this was colourways from a dyer I was never able to buy from because she was always sold out by the time Australia was online in the morning. And I also bought some colours for baby socks, in gender neutral but not colour neutral tones, so there seemed like justification in that. Even if our expectant bub is to come in January and won't need socks till May.

Though catundra's current obsessions are catchy - that's how the yarn stash got born too so I'm trying to not get too caught up in her fat quarter accumulating wake. When you sit down and count the $$ which at some point you do actually do, it's horrifying. And hard to justify. Still, she sent me some utterly gorgeous links last night to fat quarter bundles and the only thing preventing me was laziness at button clicking. I've also become a bit obsessed with Jinny Beyer's work. She has some utterly gorgeous quilt patterns on her website - really mindbending type ones. I would like to get into a few of those projects but will stave off till I have worked through some current ones in progress.

And that reminds me of this conversation I had with jonathanstrahan the other day where I realised that I must have accumulated about 10 years worth, at least, of reading, if I do not buy one more thing and I only read (which we know will never happen). I reckon I have that much, or double, in my knitting stash, my cross stitch stash and moving into my quilting stash. What is it with the wanting to queue up things to do for fun, for later? There is something really suffocating and claustrophobic about it. And yet, I really do still want to read all those books and do all those craft projects. Yet the idea that if I started now and worked solidly away, I would still be working on these piles well into my 40s is utterly and truly panic-inducing.

I think I'll stop now :)

reading reading reading reading

I thought I had perfectly timed and coordinated all my deadlines. I'd finish up lastshortstory by the end of this week (48 shorts to go), take a week off to catch up on fun reading, write some ASif! reviews, read the drafted sequel to Horn, then begin 2010 shorts reading and look into commencing work on the 2010 TPP schedule, Sprawl submissions are due on Dec 20. Perfection, no?

Nothing goes smoothly eh? I don't think I'll be getting my week break after all. Today something I had been hoping might be reworked and resubmitted arrived in my inbox. Tomorrow the drafted sequel to Horn is due and I am still wading through LSS reading. Some of the crew have already begun 2010 reading and I am feeling antsy - I don't like feeling left behind. It's about this time of the year that I get enthusiastic for reviewing and critting (*waves* to electricant). And I think the Aurealis Award deadline is fast approaching.

What's more, I've realised the only period I have available for reading submissions for the ongoing novelette doubles series is kinda nowish - I have a few things in the works but I am on the lookout for beyond what I have currently got committed. About February I'm going to be fully in the swing of 2010 projects and Swancon 36 so I have announced a Twelfth Planet Press reading period for novelette submissons from Dec 1 through to February 28. Guidelines are at twelfthplanet and (see the News page).

I'm looking for stories that will build on those of Roadkill and Siren Beat in terms of their being polished and of high quality as well as challenging and pushing boundary limits and tropes. I'm looking for stories that are different and out of the box.

We've been getting some really great reviews for Roadkill/Siren Beat and I'm looking to follow this up in 2010.

Charles Tan at Bibliophile Stalker says - Don't judge a book by its cover? Or better yet, do judge a book by its cover. This book is so retro ... it piqued my curiosity. How could you not read such a book?

This is, in fact, a back-to-back novelette from Twelfth Planet Press. Peculiar and risky, I'm sure, but you have to admit it, it reeks both of cheesiness and awesomeness.

Roadkill has a literary quality to it as most of the conflict stems from the relationship of the two protagonists. In fact, the fantasy aspect is negligible and could be interpreted as a metaphor. The strength of this piece however is Shearman's handle on dialogue: not only is it authentic and upbeat, it conveys so much action without the author needing to directly narrate the events that transpire.

Roadkill breaks the stereotype of the urban fantasy genre, and delivers a story with gravity.

If Roadkill is the deviant of the urban fantasy label, Siren Beat feels right at home with the paranormal romance genre it's usually mistaken for. Roberts follows the tropes of the sub-genre: the angsty heroine, seemingly unbeatable odds, and tantalizing sex.

Depth and compression--these are the assets of the stories, and it doesn't hurt that the book has a gimmicky but ingenious book design.