November 19th, 2009


It's a metaphorical kinda day

A few weeks ago, idling left a copy of a Dixie Chicks CD in my letterbox for me. I've been listening to it almost constantly. At first I mostly just loved the song Not Ready To Make Nice. But as the album has grown on me, I really love the song Long Way Round. Cause that's me, yeah? I didn't follow the path everyone else I grew up with took. And I've been feeling a bit ... lonely? Left out about that? lately. But as I've been listening more and more to this song I realise actually I've just been taking the long way around. Cause I couldn't follow. Which doesn't mean I won't get there in the end.

And then this morning, I randomly decided to break my usual morning coffee routine - get to work, go to find A_ in her building, make coffee with her and catch up. This morning I took a sharp left just before work and dropped in at a cafe. As I walked up to the counter, the guy behind it says, "you didn't want a flat white with two sugars, did you?" And I said, "Yes! And a muffin." And he hands me a coffee that he has just put a lid on. "Here I made one extra." The whole thing took like 2 minutes turnaround I was back in my car and almost at work.

And I was thinking, hey, great life metaphor. When you leave the planned, expected path, you never know what you might find - maybe just exactly what you were looking for?

And then I got into work to find A_ was out all morning anyway and I would have had to have had canteen coffee (yuck). And then someone (not the person intended) in my office bought a copy of Horn from the stack of TPP books I brought in yesterday cause they kept asking questions about publishing and TPP etc.


Who you calling lazy?