November 20th, 2009



I've been reading Booklife by Jeff Vandermeer and I'm really engrossed in it. Probably he grabs me in in the first few pages because he's talking about lists and goals. My favourite stuff! So I'd been mulling over my mission statement (which I finally managed to draft up today) and my 5 and 1 year goals. See actually I was already working on the 5 year goal, as in, I knew what it was and have been focussed on it for awhile now. It sort of factored in when I decided what kind of day job I would start applying for and it was sort of verbalised at that point where I really felt like I was at a fork in the road of life (aka June).

vodkandlime had already told me this week that I needed to have a one sentence line that describes TPP about which I would centre all my future decisions. Booklife suggests this too as your mission statement, as a way of making the decision process for you. And I realised this was what I had done with the day job applications - no pay cut, permanent or decent length of contract etc and it really has guided my process so that I am not jumping at every opportunity, only the ones that offer me career progression.

So I wrote my 5 year TPP goal out in words on a page and am trying to figure out what that makes my 1 year goals. And as I was doing this ... I realised that I also have a 3 year goal to go to Italy. And a 2 year goal to go to WFC again. So um. That probably means I should include some savings targets in my personal budget when I get round to drafting that up.

Crazy but perhaps this organised goal planning stuff works?