November 21st, 2009


Trying something new

OK, I have been procrastinating on sorting out my entertainment devices at home. I think even when I moved here the ex set up my TVs for me - is that terrible? That's probably quite terrible. And then the Foxtel man came and installed Foxtel and he reset everything up. It's been a while since I've wrestled with cords and connectors and things.

Long time readers might recall that Benji ate through a bunch of cables when I left him inside for a couple of rainy days - gosh that would be back in winter. Anyway, I have been without Foxtel since then - but paying the bill. I went and replaced one cable only to discover he'd chewed through more than the one. Then it took a while to get to the shop to go and replace a second cord. Meanwhile I'd bought a digital set top box for my other TV - which I have unpacked but am yet to connect. When I finally got round to connecting the second cable, I discovered I'd bought the wrong one. Repeat. And so finally today I fiddled around for half an hour trying to reconnect all the new cords. Argh!

I had to move all the cables around - he had also partly chewed through the power cable of the DVD player. My mother convinced me that was a fire hazard so whilst I spend several months procrastinating on figuring out what to do with the DVD player, I reconfigured all the cords to bypass the DVD player and play free to air and Foxtel. Man that nearly did my head in! But! I have an engineering degree for heaven's sake, I was not gonna let that beat me! And now, I am sitting here blogging on my laptop watching Sex and the City. *happy sigh*

Later, I might even trying setting up my digital set top box in the bedroom.

And now. I am going to try this thing editormum said I should oooh way back when we went through the Getting Sorted lists. *deep breath* I'm going to move my recreation/work/sewing/maybe even reading time out of my bedroom and into the rest of my house. Yeah, it's weird. I live in a whole house by myself but I actually physically only live in my bedroom - it has everything I need! And its a leftover thing from the OCD. Difficult to explain without sounding ... [crazy]. Anyway, gonna try this living in the whole house thing, using my Foxtel that I pay for and then my bedroom for sleeping. Though my bedroom does have the only working DVD player ...

ETA: Been sitting here for 10 minutes wondering about this whole ... living in your whole house thing. When and why do you decide to go to bed then?


Some kind of day

I've had an oddly productive, I want to say morning but it's quart to four, day. I started out with a beautician's appointment and then shouted myself breakfast at the middle eastern cafe across the road. Mmmmm shakshuka. And I finished off my Aurealis judging reading and read a bit of Locus mag. I came home, fixed the TV sitch and finished off Eclipse 2.

I also cleared off all my whiteboards and wrote up my current Working To Do list of things I am manically trying to do and keep track of in my head to complete before Sprawl:

1. Aurealis judging
2. LSS 2009 (carryover Shadow Unit)
3. Swancon Meeting prep (couple of pieces to draft up)
4. TPP Finances (reconciliation meeting, final bank accounts, con sales and invoices to balance)
5. Personal budget (track spending for 2008 and 2009 to underpin decisions)
6. Write 2 reviews/ wk for ASif
7. Start LSS 2010 (read 4 shorts/day)
8. Write 900 words commissioned article
9. Sort payments TPP
10. Finish webpage at SPUNC and TPP website updates
11. Read RWE draft and send feedback
12. Read Cold Cases draft and send feedback
13. Read novelette
14. Set up promotion and marketing spreadsheets

That's probably not all of it but it's here for accountability. Sprawl deadline hits Dec 20. The novelette reading period announcement looks to have gone wide so am a bit scared of that. And I do actually have most of Glitter Rose content already and need to get moving on that too.

Mum came over and we embarked on our quilt shop expedition. We are making a quilt together for my sister's baby. We have been "discussing" at length for months now the colours (I vetoed yellow and green) and theme (I vetoed a lot of themes). Mum has been less than enthusiastic about quilting for years even though she was really passionate about it for over a decade! Anyway, she browsed the Jinny Beyer website last week, I've mentioned that here haven't I? - !!!) and I got this email "I remember why I love quilting!" Oh yeah Jinny Beyer will do that to you.

So off we trekked today. I got wadding and backing for the kimono wallhanging and quilting needles and safety pins and thread. And I'm going to actually attempt to assemble this tonight ... stay tuned. Maybe a photo essay later. I'm quite shocked but I think I might actually get this project finished by the deadline I set last Xmas of this Xmas. (really really shocked tbh) I also got some fat quarters. Ahem. And a super long ruler cause that might have been one of the problems with my cutting of borders aka the reason the kimono project stalled.

Except I do really want to progress the tumbling blocks - isn't that always the way? Wanting to be working on the project you aren't actually on?

We also got some fabrics that we are both really happy with for the baby. No clues here because my sister pops by! And Mum got some stunning fabrics for a wallhanging project that she just got so excited about (I love it - hopefully I'll have photos at some point.) She's gone home all excited and energised and project oriented. I expect to see her here tomorrow for cutting implements etc.

And now it's like 4pm already.

I have 15 short stories left to read for LSS 2009. I might really actually get this done.