November 22nd, 2009


How did I go

I guess my weekend tally ended up looking like a game of swings and roundabouts. Some wins, some losses, probably all evened out in the end.

The moving into living in my house kinda was a washout yesterday and didn't really happen. I did though finish the top of the kimono wallhanging. I've never finished a quilt top before. I then, um over exuberantly cut the backing fabric for the kimono wallhanging and even though I had factored in a generous buffer for fucking up, I still managed to cut it so badly that I missed a corner. This morning I woke up, told my mother about the cutting disaster and she talked me into getting in the car and taking it over. So I did that and about an hour I came home with the project ready to move on. Let us never speak of the misadventure again.

So, assembled, I began handquilting the project. In the TV room watching Foxtel. Fellow tweeters will have noticed my entire loss of IQ as a result. Now I have a very sore finger, and have discovered I'm not that good at quilting. This bit is going to take longer than I hoped just cause of the pain to my finger issue. I tried a thimble but I don't like the lack of dexterity - I'm wearing a bandaid and that's still not great. So the score on that is, top finished, quilt assembled, one kimono quilted. I moved back to the tumbling blocks patching in the inbetween, taking breaks from the quilting.

I finished most of my AA commitments - the rest now comes down to a few final emails flicking back and forth so I've crossed that off my to do list. I also finished my reading for LSS 2009! And started 2010. I'm reading Shadow Unit for fun and will go back and read Season 1 now as well.

My list as it stands:

1. Aurealis judging
2. LSS 2009
(carryover Shadow Unit)
3. Swancon Meeting prep (couple of pieces to draft up)
4. TPP Finances (reconciliation meeting, final bank accounts, con sales and invoices to balance)
5. Personal budget (track spending for 2008 and 2009 to underpin decisions)
6. Write 2 reviews/ wk for ASif
7. Start LSS 2010 (read 4 shorts/day)
8. Write 900 words commissioned article
9. Sort payments TPP
10. Finish webpage at SPUNC and TPP website updates
11. Read RWE draft and send feedback
12. Read Cold Cases draft and send feedback
13. Read novelette
14. Set up promotion and marketing spreadsheets

It's been a bit confronting living in the whole house. It's an adjustment. And I still don't want to be out there late at night, I prefer my bedroom. Still, I'm counting that as progress.