November 27th, 2009


in other news

Yeah, so after rigorous testing, the toilet is still leaking. In fact it might actually still be leaking at the same rate as before the plumber came. Suggestions at morning tea included getting a silicon gun thing and squirting that into the cavity under the o-ring etc. I'm currently wondering about the potential of fucking that up? A plumber could just cut it with one of those rotating saws, right?

Sleep. Sleep was really really good last night. Mmmmm. Good dinner with friends. Didn't work when I got home afterwards. Didn't sew either. Just turned lights out after the Arias and went right to sleep. Mmm. One more good night of sleep and I think all will be right again. And just for mentioning, whenever I feel like shite after missing one or two nights of sleep, I totally and completely remember that that feeling is nowhere near the pain of going night after night without decent sleep. I don't really know how people survive. I skirt along on my bare minimum required but if I get 30 mins or an hour under that, I'm like the walking dead. And I HATE feeling like that.

Dion Hamill has a lovely interview over at Sigmatestudio with cover art he's done for Twelfth Planet Press nicely up on show! He's even got the initial sketch he sent for Siren Beat that Tansy and I saw as his pitch for the concept.

And Marshall Payne has totally pressed my buttons with his Thanksgiving post of Rozi Demant's artwork. Totally go check it out. Want!



It's been a really really tough week, in several directions at once.

How much chocolate do you think I need to consume before it starts to feel better?

ball of yarn

creative things i have done

Before I let this week completely kick my arse to the kerb, here's some crafty things I've been up to.

Hopefully willowgypsy has received this block by now. My November block:

It's a Jinny Beyer design - Atlantic Jewel.

And here is the momentous moment, adding the final borders to the Kimono Wallhanging:

And the final top:

And hard weekend for Benji - play hard, is his motto:


Oh ... what a belly laugh

This horoscope just arrived in my inbox for tomorrow:

There may be trouble on the home front today. Your family life will be fine, but don't be surprised if a plumbing leak or problem with your diswasher spurs up. Be proactive and fix it yourself and you might save yourself some grief and a high plumbing bill.

There you go.