November 28th, 2009


movie night at Chez GJ

Loooong day. I woke up really early this morning, anxious that all my timings would come off right. I put laundry on at 7.30 and managed to get two loads done before I was off to the hairdressers. I seem to be growing my hair, which is new and I have no explanation for it. So I didn't get a cut, just colour and caramel foils.

I came home and did more cleaning, disinfecting and tidying before idling kindly popped in and looked at the leaking toilet. Things look grim. He's coming back tomorrow but suspects I will need to call a plumber back in. Sigh. There is still leaking. The bathroom has been fully disinfected, again. And I have a towel to hopefully soak up the leaks. And I turned off the tap. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

After all this excitement, I did a food shop, had a shower and finally sat down for the day when my mother popped in. She brought her dog and there was this hilarious moment when Benji did the meerkat stance in front of the other dog and that dog looked at him like, "dude, I dunno what you think you're saying but that's not 'dog'".

So my day kinda started at about 6pm. Whereupon I decided to just throw in the towel and kick back and take the night off. I've watched the Bogey and Bacall version of The Big Sleep. I enjoyed it even if it didn't make much sense - I have the prerelease version on Side B which I might have a look at tomorrow. Watching Bogey and Bacall on a Saturday night whilst sewing, sipping lemonade and feeling sleepy reminded me of many many happy Saturday nights at my grandmother's. We used to sleepover on a Saturday night for years as kids. And watch all kinds of TV with her - 21 Jump Street! And Bill Collins Golden Oldies. And we swooned over the leading men - Johnny Depp, Richard Grieco, Humphrey Bogart.

I miss her. She was thoroughly cool - let me call her by her first name cause she thought it was funny when I did at like 2 years old. So, in memory of her, I have followed The Big Sleep with 42nd Street - another movie we watched on a Saturday night together, both being avid fans of tap dancing. And it reminds me of being in 42nd Street and thinking of her.

I don't recall this movie being so darn saucy! It's awesome!!