December 2nd, 2009


This n that

Last night kathrynlinge, transcendancing and I went to the first movie of the season at the Somerville! Yay! I so love the Somerville! We saw "Please, Please Me" which was a french farce of hilarious proporions. I do not enjoy slapstick or situational humour so I was quite surprised to find myself screaming with laughter. I left with a headache from laughing so hard. It was really really good. Highly recommended! kathrynlinge organised to pick up gourmet pizzas on the way through and we sat on the lawn and picnicked beforehand. There was a little bit of spitting from the sky, nothing too bad, and usually the reason I don't venture out to the Somerville for the first in the season. I'm very glad I did. Disappointments though for the single serve Connoisseur icecreams which were gone (factory no longer makes em due to move over east) and the coffee ... well, it insulted me. But the company was great, the movie was fabulous. Bring on more of the Festival, I say!!!

I have just posted my recommended reading list over at lastshortstory. I'll dissect my reading perspective and point out about 25% are male and of those, about half are Jewish.

I'm off to yoga tonight, hopefully to dissipate some of the full moon angst I seem to have acquired.


Overland Subscriberthon

From December 1-8, Overland is hosting its First Annual Subscriberthon, an engaging week of online festivities at featuring guest bloggers, testimonials from writers, readers and thinkers, and amazing prizes to be won daily.

Overland has been at the interface of progressive culture since 1954 and its continued existence depends on supporters making that commitment to subscribe. If you’re a writer, reader, thinker, or you just care about our literary and political culture, then you have a stake in what they do. Overland has long defied limitations and pushed boundaries so it’s fitting that they’re hosting this event completely online, at, to expand the reach and scope of their community. Readers and supporters can hang out, take part in lively discussion, and subscribe to be in the running for impressive prizes.

There are major prizes to be won every day – from Melbourne University Press, RRR, Victorian Opera, Readings and many more. The Subscriberthon will also include guest appearances from Sophie Cunningham, Antony Loewenstein and alicia sometimes, and other friends of the magazine will reveal what Overland means to them.