December 3rd, 2009


Rough and tumble day

Ashtanga yoga tends not to be practiced on a full moon. Energies are considered too high and that you are more likely to cause injuries to yourself when you approach your practice in that state. It's no doubt that yesterday I was feeling very scattered and combative and perhaps a tad oversensitive. But I came to yoga intending to be kind to myself. I didn't throw myself into anything, didn't push my poses and even though I did attempt a headstand, when this turned into a somersault, I just moved on. Meditation was good and she ran it a bit longer than usual, focusing on chakra energies.

All good. I came home, showered, ate takeaway, watched Dexter and went to bed earlish. I couldn't sleep and sort of tossed and turned in the night. I got up a couple of times but apart from feeling awake, I felt ok. I woke up at 6.40am and felt fine. I tried to doze and then eventually got up at about 7am - to excruciating agony! I was lying with my arm outstretched just beforehand and must have damn well turned funny. I did have that back stabbing pain yesterday, which I get from poor posture at the desk, but tried to stretch that out at yoga. I certainly didn't feel restricted in movement at yoga.

Having learned this lesson the hard way previously and already having restricted neck movement, I called up my physio and as luck would have it, managed to see her at 9am. She has magic fingers. She is awesome. It's not fixed, I'm still in pain, though not unabe to move it hurts so much pain, and movement is a bit restricted. But I could barely get down onto her treatment bed this morning. I think I'll probably need another session Monday.

Grr... seems so unnecessary to have done to myself. And now I spose I won't be able to do much of anything. I tend to carry my stress in my back so probably I should look at what I am stressing myself over.

And do more yoga.