December 5th, 2009


Hello weekend

Ahhh ... just home from dinner with my mother and uncle (my dad is away at the moment). I left them to watch episodes of no doubt the show I will next get excited about when they are long done with it (yes, they discovered Buffy and had to force feed it to me). And in the lifelong tradition, my mother has started getting into Anime, before me. She is cooler than me. I've accepted it.

This afternoon at work we had a farewell wine and cheese thing for S who is leaving to go home to England. I might have broken my resolve on the whole not making friends at this contract job place. I might have had a sad hug and declared, "not saying goodbye, see you at the xmas do!" I may or may not have sniffed. Damnit but there are so many awesome people out there! Bonded with a few more over drinks.

But I had to go grab my contribution to the spread at lunchtime and at the same time I shopped for the Swancon meeting tomorrow. And I LOVE THE 21ST CENTURY!!! I used the check yourself out facility at the supermarket and LOVED IT! I got so excited - fuck the jetpack, now I no longer have to educate check out kids on what veggies I've bought.

And my latest post over at twelfthplanet discusses book sales at Aussie cons.


Aurealis Awards!

A truly busy day today for me - up early for a massage for this darn neck thing and then a Swancon 36 meeting for much of the day. The committee tell me we made great progress and locked down lots of decisions. Then catundra and I had our first sewing bee. She showed me her sewing machine and taught me a few things and now I am itching to take my mother's machine out for a spin.

So I kinda missed a lot of this: Aurealis Awards Shortlists have been announced.

I've absolutely excited and blown away at the nods to Twelfth Planet Press, with finalists in:

Best fantasy novel - Horn
Best fantasy short story - Siren Beat
Best horror novel - Horn
Best anthology - New Ceres Nights
Best collection - A Book of Endings
Best YA short story - "Like Us"
Best YA short story - "Paper Dragons"

Having judged on awards panels, I think it's an enormous honour and recognition to make the shortlist and am utterly delighted!

And will be sad to miss the ceremony but my sister is due to give birth that week and I'm staying home for that.