December 6th, 2009


kicking up my heels

Last night, I finished off a very busy day with a hen's night. I was rushing from one thing to the next yesterday so was running late when A_ called to say she was at the place early. I convinced her to come to my place and ended up getting a lift there and back, not quite sure how that happened. I left my house an utter mess from the Swancon meeting.

But I was in the mood, you know? And threw on a sexy, low cut top, bit of lace peeking out, string of pearls, red red lipstick and fun sexy summer sandal heels. And off we went. The hens was at The Ellington Jazz Bar which I'd heard of but never made it to. It was FAB!!! OMG!! Totally serious, intimate jazz club! Sigh. I found myself sipping a cosmo, flopped over a chair and listening to the band play the blues. Life does not get better than that! Good friends! Lots of laughs! We ate tapas, we shared dirty jokes. I caught up with a couple of friends I made from the job I just left. I felt utterly in The Mood and very very 20s. *loved it*

We came home about 11.30, after the band had finished. I was a little tipsy but still tidied up the kitchen (soooo funny that rodents domesticated me). That meant I woke up to not a bomb having hit my kitchen. My shoulder/neck still hurts and I'm debating doing a run to the shops for milk and things.

It'll be a day of housework and TPP work today. Might need the supplies!

I was really chuffed to realise that everything that I published this year made it to the Aurealis Award shortlists. That's something that I am really quite proud of. And still kind of absorbing.