December 9th, 2009


ahhh newbie writers

Don't write to me and ask me why I set my guidelines the way I did. Because the answer isn't relevent to you. If I have asked for stories between 2500 and 8000 words and your story does not fit within this range: DON'T SUBMIT TO THIS CALL. It's quite simple.

But don't write to me and ask me why my guidelines are like that with a "I’m just curious as to why that minimum has been set, as I don’t often see them in journal/anthology guidelines. Let me know!" kthxbai

This will be the answer that you get back:

Thanks for your query. The reason I have set a minimum word count (which I don't actually have to justify) is because I hate flash fiction. I consider stories under 2500 words to be a waste of time as a reader.

I'm comfortably writing this here in the secure knowledge that this writer never reads my blog. Otherwise they'd know my intense hatred for flash fiction. (Ignore Tansy's shortlisting of "Like Us" in the Aurealis YA short story category - it's a complete anomaly. Or rather, perhaps that's a validation for my breaking my rule, that one time. The exception, if you will.* I probably also liked one other flash fiction piece, like, 4 years ago but it wasn't memorable enough for me to still recall its title).

The point of this post being that - it doesn't matter WHY my guidelines are what they are. They just freaking *are*.

*Also, "Like Us" is an awesome little YA piece on gender and sexual orientation, and you don't much see that in YA fiction. (Shiny Issue 5 - plug because hardly anyone ever read it.)