December 10th, 2009


wow - where did this week go?

Today we had our christmas lunch for work. I nearly didn't go because I woke up with almost a complete recurrence of the crick in my neck. I did go to yoga last night but apart from the shoulder stand, it didn't really bother me. Still the pain is completely back and the lack of mobility.

But I did go to work - we each had paid $45 for lunch and that just seemed like a lot to miss. And of course, we had to calculate the hours not working and make them up later. We had a smorgasboard thing - you'd think vegetarian options, especially Asian dishes, would be easy and cheap to do but ... no ... it was all seafood and roasts. Made a good go for dessert to make up for it - and took one of all the itty bitty things and just tasted them. Here's a handy tip for lactose intolerants out there, one taste each of a bunch of cheesecakes is the same amount of lactose as in one ordinary slice. Ahem. But everybody in the place got given two bottles of wine by the establishment as a gift so that definitely eased my "vegetarians get ripped off again" sentiments. (Salad is not a substantial lunch.)

Only a few people went back to work. I went back for a bit and then came home. And relaxed in my lounge pants. Ahhh lounge pants. Am yet to actually accomplish anything. This week has kinda kicked my arse a bit.

OMG it's been frenetic out my way this week since the awards shortlists were announced. I've spent a lot of my time trying to keep up with the emails. All sorts of people and offers have suddenly found me. It's like this whole other slushing process. This year has been an awesome and amazing ride of a (exponential) learning curve as far as Twelfth Planet Press goes for me. I've loved every minute of it. It's been the one thing in recent times that I have absolutely loved running to try and keep/catch up. I've had some lows, made some mistakes and times where I've fallen horribly short. A lot of the time I feel like I've been working my arse off to get to the next milestone and as soon as I get there, I'm expected to actually be three steps ahead. It's been a lot of things to juggle and learn and so many things to keep on top of. And guaranteed the one ball I drop is the one that will be noticed as it bounces off stage. It's been fucking awesome!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and Twelfth Planet Press this year - everyone who bought a book, pimped a book, submitted a story, reviewed a project, offered advice and help or a shoulder. Thank you to Tehani, Amanda, Jonathan, Tansy, Ben, Cat, Nick, Jeff, Russell, Joanne, Kate, Kaia, Kathryn, Angela and my Mum for all the behind the scenes things that you do. Twelfth Planet Press would be nowhere near where it is now without all the mentoring, advice and help that you so freely give. And to the writers - so many writers I couldn't list them all - but thank you for the promotion and support you have given the press this year. And especially to Peter, Deb and Tansy who have been like partners in these projects and supported me and pushed me to be better, put up with me when I was less and have made what can often feel really lonely so much less so.