December 13th, 2009


And then there was light

I've been watching the Tiger Woods Scandal somewhat removed from it - firstly, he's so straightlaced, even his drama can't get a sordid catchy phrase. (How bout Tiger's Wood-gate?) Anyway, mostly people's infidelities, I figure, are their own business. You never really know the agreements people make between them or the discussion that has gone on or the kind of marriages people have. And for the most part, mostly cause I don't know much about successful relationships, I figure it's not my business.

I do tend to play that game though - where you try and figure out who is more attractive, the wife or the mistress? Who is older, who looks sexier, does the mistress look like she is into kinkier play (that last one is thanks to Tony Soprano)?

But after the stuff I've been processing lately, I found myself in this really interesting conversation last night where I and someone I'd just met were talking about "bad relationships" and I found myself saying that I finally get that someone like Tiger Woods, who is not only cheating on his wife but surely on some of those mistresses (I did the math - 12 women, some of them over 18 month long stints, and he's only 33), that shit is not about his wife. It's not about what she looks like, what she does or doesn't do or who she is. That shit is totally about Tiger Woods. And unless he deals with it seriously and honestly (to himself), he's not gonna change. And sometimes, when you come across people like that, you're just the bystander to the mess that they create. And the best thing you can do is just get out of the way.

ball of yarn


I need a quilting icon.

Lately I've been falling in love with Jinny Beyer's work - I've been ogling some stunning geometric quilt designs on her site for future projects. She has a free block design of the week as well there and you can search all the previous ones too. Since I am in love with her work, it appeals to the mathematical side of my brain, I signed up for her newsletter, finally admitting to myself that I am a fangirl.

I just watched this one hour program with Jinny Beyer - it's free to watch til Dec 31 - with Alex Anderson. You get to to take a tour of her house, see her shop and she gives a couple of really interesting mini classes on colour. I think I need to buy her palette now, which I've see on her website, especially since now I know how to use it. Also, the 9/11 quilt right at the end is worth sitting through the whole show for.

Best bit - she hand pieces and quilts all her work :)



Finished off the weekend at the Avenue Q late matinee. I really liked it.

My favourite song:

Random lines from the song that I really liked:

There's a fine fine line between you're wonderful and goodbye

There's a fine fine line between love and a waste of your time

I don't even think you know what you're looking for

There's a fine fine line between what you wanted and what you got

So it's a Sesame Street for adults and we saw the last show in Perth. Really fucking funny in parts and really really cuttingly true in other parts. I will now be referring to people whom I think have a "Girlfriend in Canada". I saw it with my uncle and we had a delicious indian dinner afterwards. It was really good to catch up.

Last night I went to jbaby77's birthday dinner, which was, um also Indian. I have hives now - too much tomatoes I suspect for this weekend. I sat in the middle of the table and ended up with people I kinda didn't know, except for J who we'd gone to RockIt with earlier this year. I met his fiancee and for a bit of time thought that it was gonna be one of those really long and painful evenings. You know, that's one of the things I *do* miss - when you're a couple, you get to take a friend with you to places. If you don't know anyone and it's hard to get an in, or you don't like the crowd, you can stand with your friend and not be so awkward and uncomfortable. And there's someone there who cares if you have a drink or if you got to the food etc.

Anyway the point of this story is not woe is me but rather, after awkward conversation for a bit, I found myself explaining TPP (being an indie publisher is such a novelty party trick/anecdote thing - people are fascinated and excited about it and to be fair it sure beats "fuck I hate my job, climate change *is* happening and the environment is fucked"). And after that, I found myself totally clicking with J's fiancee, had a huge heart to heart, she too knew the whole "coming out of a really bad relationship" story and the "I'm 33 and have to have that talk with myself, shit". It was great! And I was so comfortable when they asked me out on their yacht for sailing this morning and said, "do you like sailing?", I replied, "No." And they laughed and I explained - you know, I think I need another decade before I could be remotely excited or interested in thinking about stepping on a boat.

So more like a reminder that serendipity happens, and it happens when you least expect it, by definition, and it comes to you in unexpected ways, also by definition. I had a really lovely evening. Happy Birthday Ms J!

And other than that, my NECK IS BETTER!!! I'm seeing the physio tomorrow but I worked less time on the computer, changed the way I used the laptop, took breaks, and concentrated on posture and ... most of the weekend I've forgotten I had a sore neck. So she totally nailed the problem. Tomorrow I'll get the last of the kinks ironed out and some exercises for ongoing maintenance. The laptop may not be in the bedroom anymore.

I've been reading Robot War Espresso and submissions for Sprawl. It's amazing how much better you feel about stuff when you actually work on the most pressing things on the to do list. Who knew?! Though I have less than two weeks to get the final things done that I wanted done by xmas! I'll need to pull out that list I wrote of things I didn't want on the 2010 list, and see how I went.