December 14th, 2009

ball of yarn

Another crafti-post

Watching the Jinny Beyer vid last night gave me an idea for my hexagon project. She shows her very first quilt in that episode and its a Granny Patch design made whilst she was in India from local fabrics. She talks a lot about the colour work in that quilt and how that developed her own approach to quilting and fabric design. And interestingly she talks about how had she started quilting in America she would have followed the way everyone else did it, to do it "right" but because she was in India and starting out on her own, she used what she had to hand.

The quilt is lovely and it has this fusion of old American folk and the bright and dynamic textiles of Indian hand dyed fabric. She didn't worry about using background plains that were all dyed from the same dye lot and that's how she then developed her own style of shading.

The quilt does what Beyer does so well. It takes a traditional craft and throws a geometric spin on it and comes out the other end looking much more like the Arabic mosaic tile works - the dazzling, eye catching work she is famous for.

It got me thinking about my own project that is derived from the Granny Patch design but which I didn't want to go down the boring traditional route. My fabrics are Japanese and they are bright and don't all necessarily match. I made flowers with them - was aiming at around 90 I think. I've made about 60 and just have the final 30 to piece. And I got black calico material which I was going to cut into squares and then applique each flower onto the middle of the square. I was thinking really stripped back and stark in the vein of Japanese work, and letting the fabrics do all the work. I was thinking of then tying it all together with thin borders between each square of plain but matching colours.

Cept I haven't yet cut the black fabric or moved the project along in months. Probably an indication about how I feel about the project. Looking at Beyer's one, I'm wondering if perhaps I should cut hexagons from the black fabric, piece another round of hexagons to each flower, but in black, and then piece these together, ending with a geometric border that I just bind. I'm more excited about this project than I have been in ages, and that makes me think I would be more inclined to move it in the direction of getting finished, if I went this way. "Finished" is better than "WIP cause it's too complicated", right?