December 15th, 2009


random post of random things

Starting to just want it to be Xmas already. I'm watching the Oprah Special of the White House cause that's all my brain can do. Which is a pain cause I wanted to work tonight.

That said, I'm still really behind or rather, still have a lot to do before the 23rd. Today I finished reading the current draft of Robot War Espresso and sent feedback. That gives me a little bit of wriggle room before Cold Cases comes back to work on Sprawl, Glitter Rose and Shiny 6. I'm back on the editing train because I've almost doubled the number of books I'm doing in '10 and '09's schedule was tough going as it was. I've got a list of all the works that are waiting for me to progress and so the cycle will keep turning till things get done. I hope. And I'm hoping to do it in half the time as this year's took. Ahem. Writers have deadlines, I have deadlines, it's deadlines central here.

I'm still kidding myself that I can finish budgeting, finances and records by the 23rd.

I bought my first geekboy gift ever and that arrived in the mail yesterday. It arrived beautifully wrapped but I had a bit of a peek and think it is pretty swish. But I've been ordering a few things on the internet lately and these parcels have been slowly making their way into my letter box/po box. It's such fun to get a neat parcel at the end of a long and dreary day. I am remembering now why I got so addicted to internet shopping a couple of years ago. I must slow down on that one, even if I am finding some really lovely fat quarters I need to buy.

My set top box is a bust for my TV it seems. The TV is pretty old - must be from about 2004? Looks like it'll need to be upgraded.