December 16th, 2009


Announcing The Natcon 50 Project

Australia will celebrate its 50th Natcon – more officially known as the Australian National Science Fiction Convention – at Easter 2011. First held in Sydney in 1952 as an event run by fans for fans, today it attracts hundreds of fans, writers, editors, booksellers, publishers, movie-makers and other science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts from around the country and even overseas.

The Natcon50 committee is pleased to announce the publication of a commemorative book to celebrate this milestone. But we need your help to compile Natcon’s history. We want photos, stories, programs – whatever you’ve got.

You can share your Natcon mementos with us in whatever way is most convenient. If you have a Flickr account, upload photos and scanned images (or find stuff you’ve already uploaded) then tag them with “Natcon50″ to add them to the pool. Or you can email us at, or contact us through our Facebook page.

Keep up to date with The Natcon 50 Project at our website or via Twitter (@Natcon50)


Where did this day go?

I felt scattered all day and like it got away from me. I did get a lot of random things done, but not in any real order nor because of any logic or reason.

What I was supposed to do tonight:
- work,
- finish off some finances
- tidy up some spreadsheets

What I wanted to do:
- work on the hexagon project

What I did do:
- read 3 Sprawl submissions,
- came up with a tag line for TPP that made me laugh so hard the dog kept looking in my face to check I was not losing my grip
- shopped for fat quarters, bought my first jelly roll (no idea what to do with those)