December 19th, 2009


Saturday the Day of Crazy

I've been gluten-free since about 8.30 last night. It's an experiment, and I'm hoping to know the answer before I become a difficult houseguest in Tassie. I've lived gluten free before - for about a year when I was first very sick (gluten, dairy, meat, caffeine and alcohol free IIRC - that year SUCKED! Also made me understand the phrase - it will make you feel like you lived longer ...) I've been saying I might detox off gluten for a while now. Yesterday I just got totally appalled by the size and shape of my stomach and so I thought I'd bite the bullet and see. Still currently detoxing ...

This was particularly hard since I met my mother early this morning for a good middle eastern breakfast of shakshuka and I had to forgo the Turkish bread. Still, it was good (incidentally, is anyone reading this allergic or intolerant of eggs? I'm wondering whether my own disagreement with them is from what they are cooked in or the protein itself?).

Then I was an errand running machine!!! I popped into my favourite wine specialist cellar and got some gifts, AND a preservative red wine for me ... probably not good to mix in with the gluten detox, huh? Then did the last shop at Woolies for a few more gifts and for some travelling thangs (shampoo, etc). Then petrol. Then the meds stock up.

Now I am gonna wrap some more gifts before shooting up to Hillary's to catch up with a friend. And then if I have time, I have to go to a *gasp* shopping centre for some final gift shoppping. Surely SOON I will be done with this? Though it's noteworthy to mention that I have slipped some belated bday gifts onto my list, may as well get those finally done whilst I'm in the swing of this. Also, I am late for a bunch of bday gifts. Bad GJ!