December 20th, 2009


Dog days

Ugh. Was in the foulest mood last night. I don't really know why. I got most of my errands done in the morning including a lot of the shopping for my trip and had even thought about starting to pack. I spent a lovely afternoon with a good friend of mine who I hadn't seen for a good few months - possibly since the craft fair in May. Her kids rocked up just as I was leaving and her DIL was kinda making it awkward - it wasn't til late last night that it occurred to me that me hanging out with a 58 year old woman and having coffee and chatting for hours might seem weird to some people. *shrugs* We're good friends.

I dunno what happened after that, I think I started to focus on the presents I still have to buy - and have no idea what I am gonna get. And then I was starting to stress out about the ones I have already bought - that I had overgifted etc. Worked myself into quite the tizz. And it was just so damn hot and humid yesterday.

Takeaway dinner, big fat drops of rain, the company of a good friend, some sulphite free red wine (NO HIVES) and some cajoling did help. Benji bit me though and that was the end of the line for me, I burst into tears, not because it hurt or gave me a fright, it just kinda summed up how I felt. :(

All the presents under my Xmas TV got opened and that cheered me up some, since I don't think I have overgifted at all.

And then my set top box is not really compatible with my TV. Benji has been further badly behaved. I don't want to face parking somewhere today to go get the last of the presents. I don't want to sit at my desk tomorrow and do work.

Still, the final Sprawl submissions are making their way into my inbox. I have good friends. And I am looking forward to seeing Tansy on Wednesday night. I can do this.


are we there yet?

Three more sleeps ...

I slept in a bit this morning, had coffee, sorted Sprawl submissions and then girded my loins, braved the melting heat and went to the Galleria. I was determined to get the final few presents I needed to get done but it was hard, and soul destroying in parts - seriously, I did not see many presents for little girls that I could bring myself to buy. Heinous heinous, pink, demoralising, degrading crap. Then I bought some of it cause it was pink and I had to get going.

I tell ya, this xmas gig is ... well ... it's fucking hot here in Perth and it's so bizarre with all the trees that don't look like trees that grow here, the snow that we never get, the reindeer that are not endemic here and the songs of nostalgia about all these things. It's very disorienting. And it's soooo hot to be racing around and getting stressed in.

After this I met up with stephcampisi and Jono and we sat in a lovely park, in the shade, as the seabreeze came in and caught up on things. Was very relaxing.

Now my presents are gotten. I've started wrapping em. I started packing for Tassie. I made sushi for dinner with fruit and yoghurt for dessert. I'm back on the gluten free wagon after a brief malfunction with some spring rolls last night. Breakfast might be a bit tough tomorrow, but it's all starting to come back to me.

Work tomorrow and Tuesday. Maybe the plumber will come. And then I shall be off and away!