December 24th, 2009


Well, Tasmania, I am here

I am well and truly ensconced in Hobart. I had a lovely day of travel yesterday. I essentially went with the Zen attitude that I would get there when I got there and let everything else slide. People were crotchety and grumpy and two days before-christamassy and I figured that got to be. For I? I was on HOLIDAYS!!! and was only concerned with relaxing reading as I commuted from Perth to Hobart.

I love airports. I love the atmosphere of people in transition, people going places, reunions, goodbyes, adventures and homecomings. I love the airport newsagencies, I love people watching and I love flying. So you know, I had a good day! I got to the airport early, I waited in line for aggggges - bag drop faster my arse - and then randomly as I got to the front of the queue, a really lovely man opened a new check-in and called me over, checked me in, ignored the slight overweight issue of my suitcase (hard to pack 23kgs? maelkann - ha!) and send me on my way. I was slightly disconcerted - was that legit? But went merrily on my way. I treated myself to some mags that I don't normally read - when I travel, I kinda fancy myself to be this other person, you know the jetsetting business type who reads Time and Harpers and the Financial Review all the time. I always mean to continue the habit afterwards and I never ever do.

I encountered all sorts of interesting and quirky people on the journey - I guess cause I was open and friendly and not really all that fussed. I knew that at the end of this day there would be a smiling cassiphone standing at the exit and that was all that I cared about. I sat near a very interesting looking woman, dressed up in a 1970s-esque pilot outfit who was having a very enthusiastic conversation with herself. I watched families reunite for the holidays. I sat and read In Cold Blood from Perth to Melbourne and didn't eat my vegetarian meal that I didn't get cause I forgot to order it.

Then there was a very quick transfer to my plane to Hobart - a very short plane flight, very non vegetarian sandwiches which I traded with the guy next to me for his toblerone and a few tears over the beautiful writing of Truman Capote. And then I suddenly realised it was almost finally here!

And then!!! There was cassiphone!!!! At the airport! And after a whole day of travel, there it was! This moment, this day that had driven me through 2009, through the really tough times, the down times, the very late nights, the imminent deadlines and the job hunting. Here it was - I FINALLY got to have my reward - sitting at cassiphone's table drinking a cup of tea and having a chat, in person.

And you know what? It was better than I hoped!!!! I had TWO cups of tea annnnnd looooots of talk.

And then they went to bed, I coaught up on the internet.

Today has been pretty relaxing - so much talking, lots of tea and coffee and some sewing. Back to it!


the santa clause

cassiphone: You can't expect Santa to bring you everything you asked for. There might be surprises
Raeli: *all awed*
Raeli: What are surprises?
cassiphone: They're things that you didn't ask for and you didn't know you wanted til you get them, and then you realise that you really did want them all along.

There's something in that for all of us.