December 25th, 2009


Santa came!!!

I tweeted my experience last night of seeing behind the scenes on Christmas Eve after all the good children had gone to sleep. Here. Important things I learned:
- where Maple Syrup comes from (why have I never wondered this before?)
- who Santa's elves really are (and they're a bit grumpy and foul mouthed at midnight)

An extremely AWESOME xmas has been had by this wide-eyed Jewess. I think maybe almost all my pink dreams came true!!! I got so many presents! I really did and the funny thing is, as great as presents are, and they really are, you do kinda get to a point where you don't need anything more and watching a gleeful 5 year old open yet more presents is far more entertaining. I got lots of great things before I left (chocolate, funky charm squares, book voucher, some glasses and a bottle of champagne, a bottle of gin and a bright blue cocktail shaker). Yesterday I scored a really gorgeous silk bookmark and a nice smelling hand made japanese lady's head for um, something. It's pretty. It was lovely to be thought of by cassiphone's mum as she showered the others in gifts of exciting and elephant proportion. Today I woke up (much later than the rest of the house) to an overfilled stocking of goodies on my doorknob - filled with Tasmanian yarn and lollies and delicious looking honey! AND I got an awesome looking book about Pluto!!!!!

Today is another relaxing day, I've been sewing a bit, talking a lot. flinthart called us this morning, I shall hop on a bus on Tuesday and head up to Launceston. And apparently I will be fishing and camping and he will be recording the visual. Hm, yes, we'll see.


I don't blog Everything or Not Always Quick on the Uptake

So, I'm an enormous fan of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Yeah, I don't blog everything.

As my plane was landing, I randomly looked out of the window, realised (remembered) I had actually never been to Hobart before, watched the mountain, looked at the river and thought, "Oh that's probably the Derwent ... hmmm ... that's probably where the boats come sailing down from the ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..."

Yes, I just realised that I was actually going to be in Hobart for Boxing Day and thus for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and that um, one of my life dreams was to be here at New Years and watch the boats sail to the finishing line and that I had totally forgotten this entirely when I was planning my trip.

Yeah. I'm a complex creature.

Still, I got all excited! :)