December 26th, 2009


Other bits and pieces

This is the best place to detox off gluten - if not for the actually being completely gluten free (damn I forgot how hard that was, not the doing it but the way gluten is thrown at you as you unsuspectingly wander down what you think is a gluten-free path ie gluten is in fucking everything, and I forgot) but for the fact that cassiphone is both well versed and well practiced in this art. She both knows where hidden gluten traps lie waiting and has some truly awesome gluten free vegetarian recipes. Tonight she made veggie burgers - simple and delicious recipe! (which I spoiled with bread and thus ... yup, I need to stay off the gluten if I want to be cramp free in life.

However, I've had trouble with my asthma since I arrived. I was warned of the pollen before coming and didn't worry as I knew I'd have ventolin and was bringing antihistamines in case of hives (I do intend to sample the berries whilst here). Nevertheless, I don't ever remember having asthma in response to pollen - congestion and eye irritations yes. Yesterday I was on ventolin as close to four hourly as possible but by the time I got to bed last night I was sneezing and wheezing and the ventolin wasn't helping. I remembered I had packed my preventative (I don't normally take it, don't get me started on my thoughts on subscribing steroids to females forever for mild asthma, I am not on the train). Alas there was only one puff left. And it didn't help. I did that thing you do when you are away from home - I lay in bed, imagined the worse (OMG I am going to die of an asthma attack and my mother is going to kill me) and panicked. Which didn't help. Then I remembered I had *antihistamines* and yo, if this was an allergic reaction ... hello? antihistamines anyone? Well, that sorted that out and I slept beautifully. And I took one today and went through the day almost ventolin free til it ran out.

Why, in my 28 years of being an asthmatic has no doctor ever suggested antihistamines? Especially after testing me for allergies and finding grass, pollen, hay, cats etc? (Even less on the steroids are mandatory train now)

Tomorrow we are off to the Salamanca Markets! I can't wait!

conversations overheard

Yesterday, cassiphone was hurrying a dressing Raeli out the door and I overheard this motherly gem: You don't need to take the suitcase. You can wear a necklace and take a handbag but anything more than that is over-accesorising.

cassiphone: If it doesn't taste good before it goes into the icecream maker, it shouldn't go into the icecream maker

(Note - she has a similar philosophy about slushing and anthology making)

And um, in my direction, cassiphone: You will get the slushing for Sprawl done before you go home. In fact, you can start right now. Finish that cup of tea and then you can slush two stories.

Yes Mum?

Me: Pick up baby, pick up computer
surepticiously wanders off
aifin: Yeah, it's not like I don't see that everyday.

Me: Wow, gums clamped on your finger is really weird - you'd think it would be gummy but it's not.
cassiphone: Yes, imagine that clamped onto your nipple. It can do a lot of damage.
*ponders this*
Me: ouch, and I have some strict rules about that area, this would never pass.

Today I finally left the house and have now clapped eyes on some of the picturesque view that is Hobart. We went to the Salamanca Markets and had coffee and donuts and I did a little bit of browsing and shopping and wishing glass was not so heavy to carry home. I also saw Constitution Dock and Sandy Bay and all the lovely homes and buildings. Here's the fountain in Salamanca, featuring a certain girl we know:

I have fallen in love with a glass beaded necklace that I may need to go back for, at least that kind of glasswork can be worn home. I also officially became the kind of aunt my uncle was for me - I bought an Andy Warhol colouring in book for my soon to be niece/nephew.