December 27th, 2009


Berry Farm and Constitution Dock

It's kinda hard to get to bed early at the moment cause, yo, hello? I'm in HOBART at cassiphone and aifin's and I now totally understand the sheer pleasure of post-children's bedtime :) Last night we trialled slushy seabreezes - or seabreezetinis - which, well, produced much giggling and amusement. Anyway, I got to bed late which meant I got up late.

Today we headed off to Sorell and luncheoned at the Berry Farm.

This was on the to do list for the finalised decision on whether I like cherries or not aka if they are as fresh and as ripe and perfect as can be, will I *then* like them? And if they need to meet this requirement, then do I actually like cherries? aifin hunted out this punnet for the deciding round:

So the thing about the cherries is this, every where I go in life, people smile and "mmm" when you say "cherries" and I just don't really get it. I'm not that fussed, to be honest, about fruit in general nor about cherries, specifically ("Well they're not chocolate," says cassiphone). What I did like instead was my very first ristretto, which the Berry Farm also boasted that they specialised in:


Bit of food pron up next, imagine a long decadent afternoon in a lovely flower garden, not too hot, slight breeze, the best company, delicious food.

Waffles with warm strawberry sauce, strawberries and vanilla ice cream:

After we had our fill, we headed back home via Constitution Dock, where the yachts will soon come sailing into after their long voyage from Sydney:

to be continued ...


Place of the Kraken

... continuing on from the last post where we were at Constitution Dock:

The dock has been cleared in preparation for all the boats heading our way. This is the only remaining boat:

I got a bit of a tour of Constitution Dock. For those who have read Siren Beat, these are the rocks where the bodies are discovered, at the beginning of the story:

Nicer in daylight, and with less dead bodies but the sky seemed ominous and the call of the kraken faintly present.
And then we had a bit of a wander around the other dock and had a look at the fishing boats docked there:

And this is a photo I took (don't be misguided into thinking that I like boats or anything) because I found myself walking along the jetty, peering into the boats tied up alongside and checking out what kind of things were in the kitchen and other random signs of life aboard. Which, was funny because for six years I was on the other side of that, being docked alongside, being forced to eat food I didn't like, and having people walk past and peer at me to watch what I was doing.

And then we finished up the day with delicious fish and chips from Mures - fish caught locally. Yum!

hardest thing I did today?

Almost no hives from the cherries and strawberries.

I've been working away at reading for Sprawl, you couldn't tell I am on holidays! I've nearly read the submissions, and almost with only a few stern talks from Tansy. I am off to possibly dodgy internet for five days from Tuesday so will be hopefully ready for editing etc, away from distractions (you know who you are).

I seem to have acquired about a book a day for packing ... I got two books for xmas and bought one as a present. aifin has just passed me a very thick graphic novel which I intend to inhale at some point between now and Tuesday.

The hardest thing I did today was explain to an almost five year old why the sky is blue. I think I did ok. However, I completely failed at yo-yoing.

My sewing is progressing, photos after the sewing day tomorrow.

Here is the gorgeous necklace which aifin was kind enough to help me go back for today at Salamanca. Whereupon I discovered that they freight interstate! Oh my!! I think I might need to find something to bribe myself for a reward for a large, glass, pink vase. Or something equally gorgeous!

So um, I actually finally tried this on after this photo. Ooops, I might have bought it because it was pretty. The good news is it sits gorgeously, and the colour is not really all that great in this photo but more true than the one that was in focus.