December 28th, 2009

ball of yarn

Craft Day

This morning was a bit of a mixed bag. I woke up quite early considering I was working on Sprawl till about 1am but then I managed to convince myself that sleeping in was better than getting up early to do work. No idea what I was thinking! We were supposed to check out some fabric shops today - notably some Jinny Beyer and also some Japanese fabrics - but alas it was the public holiday and these shops were closed. So too was the famed cafe we were going to have coffee at. So instead we headed down to Kingston Beach which was very seasidey and we had a lovely long brunch. I forgot my camera so no photos but I had a mint pineapple smoothie - finally able to take back and own the smoothie at brunch thing (old thing I used to do with the ex). Also reminded me that one of my New Years Resolutions is to unpack my blender, set it up on my countertop and make smoothies and cocktails, often. aifin checked out the availability of ristrettos (none but I think this may become a thing!)

This afternoon was an At Home that cassiphone had prearranged for a sewing circle. This was technically the first sewing circle I have ever been to and I am totally addicted to them. catundra and I have started up a sewing day but we might need to expand the peeps, perhaps. In any case, I got to catch up with looneymoth - YAY! She was in full stride and gosh I miss her muchly. Also lovely to clamp eyes on waqem007 and check she is still alive - she seemed well and she has some lovely lovely Japanese fabrics for us to ogle.

I brought the hexagon project with me. When I brought it, it was a pile of hexagon flowers, a strip of black fabric and a bag of hexagons still to be sewn into flowers. Here's the pile:

So the afternoon was really pleasant, filled with all sorts of conversation and chocolate and important craftily crafts. I've been working away on this project all week. I had in fact got to the point where I had sewn three complete hexagons together. But as I was working this afternoon on my project, I finally had the fourth completed hexagon to join on and um ... yeah I had a massive geometric crisis. I had completely screwed up the whole thing. But see, luckily, there were lots of sewers there to help figure out what went wrong and how to figure it out. And so, after that, I sewed like the wind and the project now looks like this:

Tomorrow we shall watch the yachts sail up the Derwent as they finish their racing. And then I shall catch a bus up to Launceston where flinthart shall pick me up. I'll admit to some trepidation having read his latest blog post from yesterday. But we spoke to him tonight and it was lovely to hear his voice and it shall be lovely to spend time with him and his family. I can hardly believe this is kinda the end of my stay with cassiphone and aifin - it feels far too short.

I did a load of laundry this afternoon in preparation for the rest of my stay in Tassie. And as I was hanging the wet clothes up on the line, I looked up and saw this:

Not bad view, eh?