December 30th, 2009


I have arrived in Scottsdale

My final day in Hobart was focussed on packing up and preparing to head off to flinthart's and also to the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race. aifin and cassiphone were the most generous of hosts and did their best to show me the best of Hobart and Tasmania as they could in the short time I was staying with them. So they were determined for me to fulfill my life long dream (aka maybe just the last decade) to watch the boats sail up the Derwent. Now, it should be noted that the lovely aifin was more than prepared to take me down to the docks to watch Alfa Romeo sail in at about 10pm on Monday night. I was of course a lot less enthused, I'll say mostly because I was rooting for Wild Oats but also cause it was nighttime and I was sewing and talking to cassiphone etc. I declared that watching *some* boats sail up the Derwent would indeed complete my goal, and not you know, having to watch the excitement of the big boats etc at the docks, in the cold.

So for lunch yesterday we went up to Mt Nelson to Signal Station for lunch to enjoy the OMG view and spot some of the smaller yachts sail round and into the Derwent.

You know, Hobart really does offer awesome views.

We opted for a very civilised table inside and watched the odd little white boat speck on the horizon:

I tried Elderflower Juice:

I quite liked it - tart and a nice light, nonalcoholic alternative.

Here's the happy family - I didn't much mention Jem but I shall in some thoughty posts later. I had a three hour bus ride up to think about thoughts. I watched an absolutely gorgeous and green scenery all the way up to Launceston and I listened to music and let my mind wander. It went places and I'll mull that over a bit before posting.

Tansy fussed a bit and helped me sort myself out for the bus - I have a thing about busses, I tend to panic and get off before my stop. So I discovered the kind man I was talking to would be the bus driver and that it would be obvious where to get off and all was a good, a big hug goodbye to Tansy and I sat down to wait for the time to board.

I ended up talking to the two older ladies in there - one was a knitter and the other a much more elderly lady who was very formally dressed and very quiet but then asked about the cricket score. I ended up talking to her about cricket (what?) and she told me that she had ended up knowing quite a bit about cricket - her husband has been involved for 60 years and is one of only two Tasmanians to ever be on the Australian Cricket Board. And that she was one of the first ladies to ever dine at Lords after they opened it up to women. How very cool is that!!!


Yup, this is the wilderness folks

I'm up in my room resting and recuperating. I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon at 5pm - I do not nap. I don't nap ever. In part I've had a very full on week with no quiet time except for sleeping and I'm a person who does need space and thinking time. I suspect that's mostly the issue and some quiet time this evening working and reading will do me the world of good.

Also, flinthart is a lot for one's nerves, and he knows why!!! He has gallantly removed two large spiders for me, in as many days. And he took me fishing today. They caught the fish we ate for dinner. I'm all down with knowing where one's food comes from and it being the freshest it could be etc. But honestly, when I told him I was a city girl and no good for fishing, I guess he needed to see that in action - eventually he suggested I go get the car so I could sit in it and I spent the time reading, and getting sunburned it seems, whilst more exuberant folks hunted and killed for our dinner.

I have some photos to load up from today but I might do it when I feel more in the mood. I should note that the food of course is excellent and we did start the day with wine education and testing!