January 1st, 2010


The resolutions list

I'm a listy kind of person so I've been trying to work out my new years resolutions for about a week now. You get to a certain place and you realise that the kind of resolutions people tend to make are really quite pointless - quit smoking, lose weight, get fit ... meh. I'm over that kind of thing. I reviewed last year's list, the actual one is at home so I'll have to wait til I get back to check it properly, tended to be more lifestyle/thought pattern/approach oriented and whilst I didn't follow through or adopt all of them, I did absorb enough of them to make significant change towards life improvement, things that became part of everyday and helped make things better. And so I want to build on those kind of things for 2010's list.

I also like cassiphone's goals list so I might make and post that one later. So far I have these:
1. Unpack the blender, keep it on the benchtop and learn to make verious smoothies and cocktails
2. Go through my to read/reading pile and cull books that I have been "reading" for a lengthy period of time by admitting I don't want to read them or am not enjoying them and remembering all the books I really wish I had time to read. And start reading those instead.
3. flinthart is tempting me to add Buy an Icecream maker to this list.

Some time last year (OMG 2009 was last year already), I sat down and wrote a 5 year plan for Twelfth Planet Press. It's a plan for where I want the press to be in 5 years time but it's also partially a roadmap for where I hope my life will be in that time too. And I split the list into yearly increments, I guess with 2010 being the first year, since I was already well into 2009. I've noticed how, when you have that kind of direction, I am tending to streamline other commitments. And that is leading to a place where I spend time doing and being with people that I value and want to be. ie that I am happier. So in 2010, I intend to streamline better and more effectively in the pursuit of the life and lifestyle that I want.


New Years Eve and other bits

Last night was the chaos that flinthart promised with lots of people, kids, waterfights, food, dogs, cats ... power outages, the lot. I ended up opting not to join in for movie night as it required climbing up a ladder that was just a little too flimsy for my liking. When the power went out after everyone was settled in the loft, I must say I was more than a little glad not to have to navigate my way down in the dark.

I left the year orchestrating two (spider) murders. I admit it, I hurrahed! flinthart apologised to the spiders. I either sighted 5 huntsmen in my 3 nights here or the same two who kept coming back in after being escorted out. I figured they had fair warning. I started the year washing off the remains of the murders with a nice hot shower, Happy New Year greetings with friends here and online and then the power promptly went out again.

Other than that, there've been mini cooking lessons here and there - today was cheat's jam and chocolate mousse. Yesterday there was gluten free tortillas and calzone.

Mostly though, I've been chilling out. Wandering off to my room (boring I know!) and working, catching up on the internet and taking time out.

I can't believe it's January and work is only 3 days away. Sigh.


ah kids

The Mau Mau has spent most of today butt naked. There was a spot where she was wearing a tea towel as a cape, nothing underneath. Tonught, she's at the dinner table eating dinner, naked, and says she's cold. A jumper is suggested. So off she goes and she's gone a *really* long time. (OMG kids get easily distracted!!) When she is told to come back to the table, she is wearing:

- a fairy dress
- a hoodie
- a pink beanie under the hood
- a vietnamese grass hat
- a butterfly net in her hand

Kids are never dull.


Last night at the flinthart abode and I fear I have not been the best of guests, retreating into my room and doing work and such. Tonight we had Alisa-friendly Nasi Goreng and chocolate mousse! The mousse, alas, was not Alisa-friendly but some things in life are worth the price and you decide that going in.

I also got an impromptu jujitsu/self defense lesson. I have a few tricks now that I shall practice.

I don't know how but I have been in Tasmania for 10 nights, tonight, and I am still on WA time. Partly I probably have switched over to my holiday mode which is about three hours difference from fitting into society mode. It just so happens that that's Perth time.

Tomorrow we head back down to Hobart, the Flinthart clan are coming and there is likely to be high spirits, tomfoolery and merriment for my last night before going home. I am very sad that my holiday is nearly at the end. It's so easy to take for granted being able to have conversations face to face in real time, I shall dearly miss both Tansy and Dirk :( I've even done a reasonable amount of work, having several discussions with both of them and with Bruce from (Cool)Shite on podcasting - Mama needs a microphone and pop filter (or something).

Which just means I shall have to return again to Tasmania for another visit some other time - too bad for me, eh?