January 4th, 2010


Back home

Phew. Today was crazy. I didn't sleep more than 4 hours, up late talking to jonathanstrahan and then listening to my ipod. I emerged feeling under the weather (this is why I don't drink!) and tired and it was windy and my asthma kicked up. I took drugs but they didn't seem to help. I wandered out to where there were shrieking 4 year olds and tried to wake up. Stomach said "leave me alone" for most of the morning. I have no fucking idea what I was thinking drinking two kinds of champagne and then a couple of sea breezes. Just glad I pulled up before the limoncello came out. Sadly we said goodbye to flinthart and his posse. And then we sat down to some lunch, some Raeli DVD action and some crafting.

And then the packing up of my stuff was overseen and we were off to the airport. The whole family piled in to take me the airport whereupon I discovered my flights were delayed on account of a computer glitch. We sat and had coffee and the last of our conversations. cassiphone and I went fossicking for alarming souvenirs but found none. And then it was time for them to go and me to board my plane. Sad hugs of byeness :(

The flight to Melbourne was not too bad - one hour, I skipped the "meal", listened to a podcast and tried to sleep. We were told that passengers on the flight to Perth should head directly to Gate 21 on arrival at the airport. We landed at gate 4 - these gates are, it turns out, at opposite ends of Tullamarine. I briskly walked there, glancing at the tv screens which said our flight had already closed. I arrived very puffed and my chest hurting. The plane was almost completely full and I watched about 15 people watch me struggle to put my very heavy bag in the slightly too high baggage compartment, whilst gasping for breath. Do people just not help people any more? I found my seat - the second in a 4 seat row :( only to be asked if I would mind swapping with the guy on the aisle in the row ahead since the woman next to me was travelling with him. We waited to see who was going to sit next to him - a woman and two kids under six. Yup. This *was* my day, after all. I switched and ended up sitting next to a 4 year old for the entire flight. Yup. I could not actually catch my breath and kept using ventolin to hold the whole thing at bay. We were too far at the back of the plane to be offered luxuries like choice of meal or a blanket. I'd rushed to get on the plane and had not grabbed headphones so I watched the whole of Julie & Julia whilst listening to Wil Wheaton's Futurecast podcasts. Even though we'd sat for a good long while before takeoff, we still managed to arrive only 15 mins late. It was at this point that I discovered a completely wrapped in plastic pair of headphones in my seat pocket. %$^#!

I got off the plane and found my mother who had come to fetch me. Yay! After grabbing my bags she took me to her place to pick up Benji and have a nebuliser for the asthma. It didn't really overly help, although it did remove the pain in my chest as I breathe. So now I am waiting up till 1am which will be 4 hours since so I can have a second one, which will hopefully help. I guess, sadly, I am allergic to Hobart.

I had an awesome trip. I'm very sad to be home and even sadder to be back at work on Tuesday. I shall sleep in tomorrow and sort myself out and try not to think about how the year is beginning and the holidays are over. Though I do come home much, much richer and happier than I was when I set off for distant green lands.

One whole week til maelkann comes home. :( I'm aiming to work through the Sprawl edits to distract me.

that post

I've been procrastinating on this post. After we had the conversation, maelkann was like, "I'm worried. You're not social networking this." Which is like, well, firstly, I did have close friends in real life to squee at. But secondly, I dunno, it felt too special to make it a daily news item of 140 characters on Twitter (which obviously is far more interested in the cup of coffee I just made kind of news item :P).

So, the scoop then, as it were. We've been very close friends for the past year - we were introduced by editormum very early in 2009. We've been seeing a lot of each other and I didn't even really feel a noticeable loss of his presence in my day-to-day life while he was off to sea for 5 months in the middle of the year. And so I guess we decided to make this all (Facebook) official :P

I'm being coy. It's all very new and shiny.

Here's a bunch of things I don't have to explain to him: the internet, gmail, twitter, Twelfth Planet Press, science fiction, feminism, short stories, graphic novels, music, Swancon, engineering, science, climate change, movies, TV shows, musicals, coffee, gnocci, presents, family, shoes, foreign policy, reading, girls, friendship.




Something that really struck me about Tasmania was the sheer variety of the visual landscape - it's ever-changing from rolling hills to mountains to river and sea. Sometimes you can see all of these in one snapshot. I live in a flat suburb and see very little other than houses and tall buildings. I didn't realise how starved your soul can get from such lack of visual stimulation. Sitting on the bus travelling up to Launceston, I listened to my ipod and stared out the window, drinking up the view. And my heart sang, I was so utterly happy in the moment.

I did a lot in the two weeks I was away. I had very little downtime. I took a couple of days at flinthart's to work and sort of shut myself in a room but other than that, I was pretty much packing stuff into the days - even when I was working on Sprawl at cassiphone's, I still broke that up with a lot of discussion and conversation. So, I'm kinda surprising to not be tired, as I normally would be after that kind of two weeks (yeah I'm sick but aside from that).

I feel really quite energised. I mean, life is going good for me. But also, I got to bounce ideas and play around with things, seek help and advice on stuff and pitch and get pitched stuff. I have some new potentials on my to do list for 2010 and I have a very healthy New Years Goals list. I'll post it tomorrow.

But one of my goals is to start a new cookbook for myself, adding in one new recipe a week that I have tried and mastered to add to my general repertoire of cooking. And since I am aiming to be gluten free this year, it will need to be a gluten free recipe. Hanging out with both cassiphone and flinthart, I have a ton of ideas and hints now on all sorts of alternatives that I can cook. And also that gluten (or substitutes) don't need to be the focus of meals.

I started today. My mother came and picked me up and helped me to do my food shop for the week. I think she wanted to lay eyes on me to check on my health (it's good, I am nearly breathing ok. And will go to work tomorrow. I think I have a slight cold now though as well - it's been so long since I just had a sniffle, in this world of super bug and flu, that I barely recognised it). I tagged along as we dropped my sister, who is now 37 weeks pregnant and no longer allowed to drive, off at a class about breast feeding. She looks good and she has dropped slightly. Doctor says she will probably give birth next week or the week after. It's very exciting. Anyway, I am now all shopped up for interesting and diverse cooking again. I'm partly inspired by all the gorgeous food I ate this last fortnight and also cause, when I am happy I tend to find a health kick.

So tonight I made myself sushi, technically not a new recipe but I tried smoked salmon for filling (taken from aifin and not nearly as good as his!), which was new and brave for reasons I won't mention here. Voila:

I'm going to have to watch Julie and Julia after watching the muted version on the plane. I took away two things - yay/mmm cooking and also that I need more large cushions in my life. *shrug*. So I'm thinking I might turn this gorgeous fat quarter bundle called "Chinese takeout" which arrived whilst I was away into a couple of cushion covers.

I haven't gone through all my mail yet, but this also came today:

I'm looking forward to reading it. And am also interested in the way I got to own my copy - I actually loved Wesley Crusher at the time of ST:TNG cause I loved Wil Wheaton. And I read his blog cause I love Wil Wheaton. And yet, I'd seen the book on the blog but only really thought about ordering a copy after I had been listening to a couple of the podcasts. Free material does make sales. At least to this part of the demographic.