January 5th, 2010


life, back

Well, I kept monitoring myself in the very early hours this morning to see if I was still too sick to go to work. I wasn't. So I got up and went. Shockingly, I somehow managed to spend 30 mins online, pop past my post office, do a shop for gluten free breakfast options and still get into work by 9am. It's a miracle.

It's quiet here and I'm sorting emails and slowly gearing up to a three week power through to complete my tasks before I leave.

My holidays are a distant blur now - how sad.

Oh. And the toilet is still leaking.


New Years Resolutions Goals List

Scraping in before its the year proper, here's my list of things I would like to do or change in 2010. I've tried to include the goals of things that probably I will get done anyway (cause aren't they still technically goals of intent and what I am spending my time on?) as well as some lifestyle changes that will require active and recursive intervention.

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ball of yarn

when does he move from naughty puppy to bad dog?

Grrr ... I just caught Benji in the act of removing the container I had placed to catch the dripping from the leak in the toilet. I placed it there after cleaning up and disinfecting the area *again*. He managed to tip the water all over the area in the process though from what I can tell, and hope, he didn't get wet in the process. GRRRRR it was fucking clean 10 minutes ago FUCKING FUCK, I am so sick of fucking cleaning up the SAME FUCKING MESS over and fucking over again.

My evening plans got changed, beyond my control. I'm trying to wing it but I had been planning on finishing off the work I was doing on Sprawl earlier today. Now I'm sitting here trying not to think about the mess in the bathroom and watching the Gilmore Girls.

I got a bunch of awesome things in the mail today. I got my advance reader copy of The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals:

I also got a gorgeous copy of Tales from Outer Suburbia which I think came from exp_err - thank you very much!

My fabric for the January quilting bee arrived. As did my other order from www.fatquartershop.com - the jelly roll and also some gorgeous random fat quarters in black/pinks. I think I might make the jelly roll into some cushion covers for my bedroom.

For dinner I tinkered with a dish I was developing before I went off to Tassie - my new tuna salad which has tuna and salad cream. I've been adding some warm veggies (peas, carrots, cauliflower) and wasabi. Tonight I substituted smoked salmon for the tuna. And added some potatoes. Yum!