January 9th, 2010


tired, so very tired

I'm not big on naps or not sleeping outside of bedtime but all day today I've had random moments where I've blinked a little too long and thought I could actually fall asleep on the spot, if only I kept my eyes closed just a little bit longer.

Last night I visited by sister and the bubby in the hospital on the way home from work. I got to spend an hour holding the baby and a bit of a chat with her parents. My sister asked if I might come spend tonight with her as her husband had to go to a bucks night. I was chuffed to be asked. Afterwards I raced home, fed Benji, grabbed a shower and dinner and headed off to lyzbeth's bday party. I only intended to stay an hour or two because I was so tired but the next thing I knew it was 12.30pm at which point I did head off home. It was lovely to catch up with a bunch of people and we had much fun in high spirits.

This morning I woke up to two phonecalls one after the other before I raced off to meet editormum for breakfast. Was lovely to catch up with her before the baby comes. And we traded ideas and offered each other counsel and caught up on a bunch of news. I had left my phone in the car and when I went back to head off to catundra's for our sewing day, I found a couple of messages and a missed call and just as I was looking at it my Dad rang to tell me that he had taken my mother to hospital because she'd had a health scare. I was given dog feeding duties and promised they would check in with me as test results came in etc. The poor dogs in our family don't know if they are coming or going. I went past their house to give their dog a toilet break and they headed off to catundra's. She'd made a delicious salad for lunch and I finally got to work on the hexagon project after trying so hard to get there all week and failing due to extreme tiredness and lack of opportunity. There didn't seem much to do but wait to hear what was up with my mother.

After a decent amount of sewing and good long natter with catundra, I headed home to feed Benji, stopped in to see my mother who had been discharged late in the afternoon, elective surgery pending, grabbed food to go past my sister's to feed their dog and then head off to the hospital to go hang with my sister. I had a really nice time just hanging with her without all the other hubbub - and LOTS of bubby time! There was a nurse who kept popping in and spurting loads of important information at high speed that I'm sure I didn't catch all of. We were supposed to be watching videos about baby and stuff but we watched one and felt none the wiser after watching it. ("Build a strong relationship with your partner for the wellbeing of your babt" ... Um, yes? But ... HOW? etc)
I watched her feed and change nappies and settle the bub and I got lots of bub time all to myself. Yay!

And now I am so knackered and behind on my life. I need sleeeeeeep and might just take tomorrow off. maelkann comes home which I am really looking forward to but aside from that, I think I need time out. I am too tired to craft or read or edit. And it's soon next week.

Tired. So very very tired.