January 10th, 2010


This week's new recipe

When I decided to move to a gluten free diet, partly it was to see what of my chronic symptoms were gluten-related but also to see how that would change how and what I ate. I was hoping that the switch would also mean a switch towards a more sustainable, healthy eating routine and that that would have its own positive reinforcement loops.

When I was in Tasmania, I came to a couple (more than a couple) of realisations. These included that I am not exposing myself to enough unexpectedness - colour, views, music, experiences etc. And that my soul needs that. I also watched aifin, cassiphone and flinthart cook. I watched them throw exciting things together and easily sidestep my eating restrictions to produce delicious, exciting, satisfying meals. And I realised that the secret to cooking is part preparation, part experimentation and part creativity. And today, for dinner, I threw both these realisations together:

I popped up to Fresh Provisions and grabbed yoghurt for myself and my sister and some delicious looking fresh fruit for both of us. And then I got inspiration for this salad. Gluten free pasta, lightly fried baby eggplant and zucchini, tossed with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, steamed (in microwave) broccolini, olives and some marinated creamy feta.

Um... delicious! And enough there for a good lunch tomorrow!

The thing I love, and remember from when I did this the last time, about stripping all the processed and over sugared and salted foods from my diet is that I start to be able to taste and appreciate the more subtle flavours of fresh food. And I don't actually miss the processed junk that I normally crave. I feel cleaner on the inside and more alive. Which is one of the positive loops I was hoping to get caught back in.

Dessert was fresh greek yoghurt with mixed berries.