January 14th, 2010


Slower pace

Yesterday I hit a wall. I'd been fighting off an infection all of Tuesday as well as trying to operate on sleep deficit and by noon I just hit the wall and then slid straight down. My body just said, nope, and my brain went blurry and a headache started to kick in. I went home to bed and slept a lot of the afternoon and I seem much better today. I also think I managed to fight off that infection, which is good cause I try to avoid antibiotics (mess with the Crohn's).

The only thing of any import that I got done yesterday was to realise that I want to start a charm quilt. A charm quilt features non-repeating fabric pieces - you only use each fabric once in the whole project. I've been thinking about my stash and how there are all these projects I want to do but partly I don't want to start them because I will have used the fabric. Maybe I'll keep the project, maybe I'll gift it. But somehow, it's removing the fabric from my collection (oh yes, I admit that my stash is also a fabric collection). Hence the charm quilt which is a record of all the pieces I collected.

I spent some time researching the charm quilt and looking for a shape for the pieces that was nothing like cassiphone's cause I figure our quilts would otherwise come out looking the same. I didn't really find many options - hexagon (which surely I am done with by now), square (boring), rectangle (less boring but still boring), triangle, pentagon and so on. I think I have settled on a hexagon made of 6 triangles. I just have to figure out how I will play with shades and tones to see if I can somehow bring out a 3D effect of some kind. Just need graph paper and coloured pencils for that one.

I watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother last night - I've nearly finished the first season and will need to contemplate whether I need to get more. I also started The Wire - watched the first episode. I think I will stick with it and see how it goes, judging on my other HBO experiences.