January 18th, 2010


Monday morning

A_ points at her coffee mug into which I have just finished making a cappuccino.

Me: What?
A_: Look at it!
Me: What? It's an arabian perfume bottle.
A_: Look at it!
Me: Fine. It's an erect penis and balls! Man!! I can only do dirty coffee art!
*looks in my mug*
Me: And I've got nothing!
A_: That's just it! You always do it in MY mug!

*cue laughter and tear wiping*

the weekend that was

... was very crazy and full.

On the way home from work on Friday, I stopped in at my sister's to see if I could offer assistance. I nearly got in big trouble for driving on their driveway because the road had been tarred that day. Thank goodness for all that it was dry by then and I did not leave tyre marks. My parents were there minding the baby whilst my sister and her husband went food shopping. I shockled* the baby for a while to try and get her to sleep. It turns out she sleeps with one eye open.

After that I went home and made dinner and watched I don't even remember what on TV. I chatted online to maelkann and shocked him by logging off quite early and going to bed. I was tired - tough week. And slept lots but ended up getting up and showering at 7am and then checking and answering my email, which shocked others. My mother called at 7.30 - her breakfast buddy had bailed on her that morning so I ended up meeting her at 8am for breakfast. Again, all quite shocking. And then I got my hair cut and coloured at 10am.

After the hairdresser and gossiping, I popped back in at my sister's and babysat for an hour or so whilst they went out for coffee. The bubby took an hour to settle, before they would leave (and OMG what the hell is that drain clearing sound that babies make when they dirty their nappy? That is HORRIFYING!). I made a coffee, watched 2 eps of How I Met Your Mother and the dog and the baby slept.

I popped up to my friend in Trigg and had a massage later in the afternoon. Mostly I went to catch up on her gossip since she'd been away for three weeks - she had lots, it turned out. But I also wanted to get that back and neck thing looked at before I go back to Yoga on Weds. She looked and looked but could find no hard or sore spots in my body anywhere. Apparently I am very relaxed :) She did though find the heart chakra needed work, and had me going, "So you're opening up my heart chakra and then sending me out on my date tonight?" To which she replied, "Yeah, you can thank me later."

I had just enough time to get home, feed the dog and shower before maelkann came over and we headed off to the pub to have drinks and dinner with vodkandlime et al for her birthday. And then we went off to see "Up in the Air." I um, didn't love the ending. I picked the movie as a cute RomCom date night thing but felt the ending really let down the whole story. maelkann had seen "The Road" in the morning so thought the ending was uplifting. Pfft.

Sunday morning was lazy. I had a lovely lazy breakfast with maelkann and faffed about on the internet n stuff. And then I headed off to the WASFF meeting. It was our big one with our venue and budget being presented for the first time. We had been a little bit dreading this meeting all along. It went really well. The Board is really supportive which makes this all so much more fun than it could be. Even so, the agenda was packed and there was much to be discussed and considered and the meeting was looooong. I came home with a heat headache and not much use to anyone for the rest of the evening. And went to bed early.

I am looking forward to getting stuck into some editing and sewing projects this week. maelkann is back to work this week and around a lot less. I'm intending to jam pack the week with a huge to do list so that my weekend is a bit freer for hanging out. I'm also thinking of dropping in at Waicon for part of next weekend.

*Yiddish word for ... I dunno ... rocking and whatnot