January 28th, 2010



So, no women on the team, huh, Apple?

iPad eh? Does it come with wings and a Maxi iPad for nighttime extra absorbency.


niiiice one. Probably noone should have left the room when those ads for "feminine hygiene" were on, eh?


Seeking polished novelette/short novella

I've put the call out elsewhere - I am looking for a polished, tightly written novelette or short novella for a very quick publishing timeline. Preferrably YA. If you have one lying around or know someone who has please email me at twelfthplanetpress @ gmail . com

If you've sent me one and haven't heard from me, it's because I haven't read it yet and I'm currently covering all my bases.


More than just a hymen

My mother sent me this link today - she thought I'd enjoy seeing people agree with me (well, yes, who doesn't enjoy that)

The comment both fetishes a woman's virginity and reduces her value to the presence of a hymen, to the unpenetrated state of her vagina. Why is that the greatest gift a woman can give someone? What about her mind? Her actions? Dare I say it, her soul? If I were one of Abbott's daughters I would be furious to have my value reduced to the state of my hymen. Is that really the greatest gift you can give? And if it is, what does this say about relationships between men and women? It's a pretty superficial exchange.

Somewhere here there is an important discussion to be had, about Western capitalist society's obsession with sex (so gently explored in Sarah Watt's recent film My Year Without Sex), about the exploitation of women's bodies as marketing tools, about the rise of raunch culture, about the pressures on young women to live up to ''porn-star'' stereotypes, about the differences between lust and love, about respect, and how to safely explore one's sexuality, when one is ready to do so, not when one's peers or politicians say you are ready to do so - but it is discussion to be had for both genders

It's a great article.