February 7th, 2010


the weekendery

I came into the weekend quite tired. I haven't been sleeping, for nearly a week now. I'm either tossing and turning or having nightmares. And I'm getting maybe 5 hours a night (which admittedly is not as bad as some so I should quit complaining). I did the Somerville movie on Thursday night and then Friday was off to jbaby77 for looneymoth's bday dinner. I had a lovely time - an intimate few friends, much laughs, good food and drink!

But damn I went into Saturday knackered. I slept in and then sewed in bed til about noon. And then headed off to run some errands and meet jonathanstrahan for coffee. I was a little early so I grabbed a coffee at Exomod and started my copy of The Secret Feminist Cabal - I'm really enjoying it so far!! After almost an hour, I wandered over to Planet to meet jonathanstrahan. Being early, I spent 15 minutes wandering around and not finding anything I wanted, even though I was looking for specific things. J comes in and within 5 minutes has idly picked out and handed me 4 books that I WANTED, NEEDED and was LOOKING for!!! Grr. Funnily enough, I think the not noticing and specifically looking thing has to do with the fact that covers are not aimed at me as a reader/buyer. My eyes glaze over and nothing stands out for me. (I grabbed the biography of James Tiptree and collected best works (why doesn't the cover say "collected best works of James Tiptree on it?) and a calendar and Scalzi's book of hatemail.) Not having seen jonathanstrahan in person since Xmas!! we had much to talk about. It was really really good just hanging out and chatting with him, I've really missed that.

Then I raced home to find maelkann already there and waiting for me - cleaning his car to kill the time. No comment. Some people took naps. Other people did work and sewing. And discovered a terrible, geometric error in their latest sewing project. Observe:

So what this was supposed to be was dark, medium and light quadrants in hexagons of a colour. And then when pieced, darks would be pieced with darks and lights with lights etc so that there would be secondary hexagons of dark, medium and light. Except I also played around with the segments of the hexagons such that they are no longer symmetrical which means that um, the hexagons only now fit together in certain ways, not all ways. Grrr!!! In theory I could press on and piece them as shown, which will come out like a variation on the tumbling block, I think? Is that two projects too similar though?

Last night we went out for dinner and then to greteldragon's bday cocktail party and hung out for a bit. I did not drink, maelkann enjoyed the appletinis. I got to meet a bunch of people which was cool. I can't be 100% sure but I think the house we went to was either one that planeterry has lived in at some point or very very similar and very very close to. Was a bit odd.

And now, now it's nearly 11am and I have showered, gone out for breakfast, added cleaning fluid to my car, written a convenor's report for WASFF and am about to start work. I feel oddly productive.



Well the WASFF meeting was long and upsetting, in parts. All good things for 2011 though. Other things on the agenda were challenging, thought provoking and emotional. My lovely maelkann brought pizza, a hug and an ear to me on his drive back down to work for the week.

Now I'm sitting here and finishing off Damages, sewing and working on ASif! I've decided to unpick all the hexagons for the charm quilt. Sigh.

ETA: With a couple of hours' distance... I think that whilst the specifics are distressing, there is one upside and that is that discussion is happening. Very open and frank discussion is taking place on an issue that has long needed to be open and frankly discussed. And it was very reassuring that that happened in a space where everyone was listening. Maybe nothing much was resolved but being heard feels important. And when people hear you, they can no longer not see what you are talking about.


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