February 11th, 2010


The Knitting Olympics

I'm about to go Olympics crazy. I'm a huge Olympics fan. I find the Olympics to be a far more efficient sporting event to follow - once every 4 years, for two weeks, done. Though of course, I'm a huge fan so I follow both Summer and Winter and I tend to follow a few of the other big meets like the Australian swimming comps, the Panpacs and the European athletics season and so on.

Anyway, I'm about to be glued to the TV for two weeks but there is another Olympis event perfectly suited for this - The Knitting Olympics.

I'm pretty sure I just watched the first year they did this. I tried to take part the second time. Now I really really want to play this time round. But. I'm not knitting at the moment. And it's too darn hot! I love the idea of picking a jumper to knit and then casting on and going for it hell for leather for 17 days. Imagine the euphoria of completing it!!!

Course these days, I don't have that much time spent idly in front of the television. Completing anything - a book or a craft project - is almost unheard of. And certainly not on a 17 day turnaround. Plus, I think I have a ton of Festival of Perth gigs on too.

Last night I confronted the truth about my charm quilt. I suck at geometry. Check it out, if you skew the triangles to make a stretched hexagon, then they don't actually fit together in other rotations to make a hexagon. I hada practical lesson of this geometry - I took apart 4 of the 5 completed ones in stages and started resewing to discover this horrible fact. So last night I reunpicked these messes and resewed the hexagons as they once were. Looks like a coloured tumbling block charm quilt of hexagons is the final project ^&%$%$$#%%&^%

My quilting at the moment feels so left behind. I want to get to it but it's usually the last 30 minutes before bedtime these days. I'm thinking of using the Knitting Olympics as an impetus to push through some of my sewing projects. I have finally gotten off the January block for the Quilting Bee but still have two blocks to do to catch up. And several other WIPs lying all over the house. I haven't decided but I'm thinking of setting myself up a sewing challenge.

Winter Olympics start Feb 13.


Shiny Issue 6 - OUT NOW!

The final issue of Shiny - Issue 6 - is now available!

I’m very sad to farewell Shiny, but farewell it I must, as Issue 6 is to be our final issue. Thank you, reader, for coming along and sharing this ride with us. This final issue sends Shiny off with a bang with Dirk Flinthart’s moving and thought provoking story (with pirates! and princes!), “One Story, No Refunds”, Patti Kurtz’s emotive “Language Lessons” and a reprinting of Deborah Biancotti’s award winning story “Scar for Leida”.

Shiny Issue 6 (see Shiny website for other issues)

Shiny Issue 6


Get on Track Challenge

That's the thing that I'm doing, through work. I've been at it for four days now and things have been quite interesting.

Firstly, seriously? *EVERYONE* has to eat the same number and size of serves for fruit and veggies? How can that be right? 5 serves of veggies is huuuuge. Yesterday I physically couldn't stomach veggies by dinner time and I had dry toast. Ugh.

Also, it takes me a really long time to work my way through 5 serves of veggies and 2 fruit. It can take me several hours to munch through say three serves at night time. And then some more time to get through dessert. Tonight I made pasta sauce, heavy on the veggies, and then switched out the pasta in favour of a medium potato which equals one serve. So two things - one, I can't believe how much less chewing is involved in eating processed carbs, that seems weird to have noticed. And two, I have no time for snacking, what with all the damn veggies I have to eat. And a bonus third - it's definitely helping with the avoiding of gluten.

I've managed to exercise for 3 out of the 4 days so far. That's pretty good for me. Yesterday I was home late so I gave my CD from my yoga teacher (ashtanga led yoga class) a go and that was awesome. And I liked being able to take the class whenever was convenient for me. That will get another go or two.

Normally by Thursday, I'm knackered. the house and kitchen is a mess and I am exhausted. But today, I went to the gym, did a fruit and veg shop, came home, brought in the laundry (Benji sat next to the basket and looked at me like "WTF?") and then cooked a meal from scratch. And I feel good! And all the food I bought from the shops was healthy. I discovered gluten free muesli! Tomorrow I will give that a go with yoghurt and a banana since I have a late start because ... my toilet is getting replaced.

So in all, four days in, whilst keeping to the challenge is hard, I'm committed to it to see what happens after 8 weeks. Also, being in a team helps!