February 14th, 2010



Sat down to update on my weekend and lost momentum, a theme for the weekend, I don't know why my brain is so scattered.

They threw me a goodbye drinks thing at my work on Friday which was really nice and they said lovely things about me - "everyone has their fetishes, here, we like that" ... "Yeah [the Boss] learned more about vampires that morning tea than he ever knew" ... "I had to go be alone in my office for several hours after that" ... I'm gonna miss that crew, they were fun. Being an editor on one document for three months straight though, that was an interesting learning experience.

I start my new job on Monday which is basically my old job but better and I am sharing an office with A_ till she moves onto her new job. So that'll be fun for a couple of weeks and shouldn't be too stressful to start tomorrow.

Yesterday I muddled through the day - bumbled along annoying everyone who was trying to interface with me cause "ERROR" kept coming up on my screen :P Went to a hen's which involved two hours of Burlesque lesson. Yes. I seem to be quite good at ... "classy stripping" as I titled it. I wore The Shoes and drank a lot of champagne. maelkann picked me up and dealt with the drunken messiness. I showed him the Cat's Meow and the Bump and Grind to which he responded, "You don't need to learn moves to be sexy." Good man. We went out for dinner, which I am sure was him trying to sober me up. And then we rewatched (for me) the Opening Ceremony.

I have made good inroads on the sewing challenges I set myself. I am about halfway through the December block (for shrydar and J). I also picked my February pattern yesterday and printed that out. This morning I made templates and cut out all the fabrics for the rest of the Dec block and the Feb one and I have pinned everything and popped them in ziplock bags with thread, all ready to go with me down to R'ham to spend the day with maelkann who is cooking me dinner. I'm quite impressed by the planning of sewing in advance and then spending time prepping so that I have a project to work on, small enough to travel and sorted out so I can concentrate on other things. Normally I cut and sew as needed, rather than prepping a project up in advance.

I have interviews to finish, a book review to write and some stories to edit today, as well as the sewing and hanging. And that will still put me behind. Argh!!

I did though FINALLY pull out my blender and wash it and set it up (yeah that might be a month and a half after the NY resolution). And I made the first fruit smoothie this morning for breakfast. Not too bad, needs work, but it wasn't TOO bad. Let's see how it goes on a work morning.