February 24th, 2010


You are not alone

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. I haven't been sleeping. I've been stuggling with my role and my part. I have been wracked by guilt and revulsion at my not doing more. I have been voicing this in private spaces and hinting at it on this blog. But last night, when I was so distressed that I could not sleep, I realised that part of my problem is that I was not doing more. And I can't abide regret for not being who I am. And not acting according to my own moral code.

I felt very distressed for hours. I felt unheard and alone and I felt so deeply disappointed at myself and others. But what I discovered today is that I am not alone. I am surrounded by an enormous group of great people, filled with love, and compassion, and a sense of honour and duty. People who listen to others in distress and hear them and support them. My friends make me a better person, they demand that I strive for that.

So I want to say to logansrogue you are not alone either.

And I stand with catundra and vodkandlime and crankynick and maelkann and I say this to that vile excuse for a male person:

You’re not welcome. Don’t come.

For all actions there are consequences. They aren't always fun. They aren't always shiny. They aren't always supportive. And the compassion might be not for you but for your victim. That's just how it rolls.

You’re not welcome. Don’t come.

For some things, there's no undo, there's no start over.

You’re not welcome. Don’t come.


Because we don't all actually know each other

And because we don't communicate as well as we should, these people have spoken out in support for logansrogue and/or against a culture at Swancon that permits inappropriate behaviour. We are a community. We set the standards and we decide what we will allow - not rules, not by-laws but who we nod at and say "Yep, you're ok by me, dude."

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If I missed you - let me know and I'll add you. I hate for logansrogue to continue thinking that noone cared or that her pleas went out into the silence. Or that this behaviour would be tolerated.

(And yes, WASFF is aware of this situation. And anytime you wanna tag team me out and sit in on those meetings, be my guest)