February 26th, 2010


Statement from the Board of WASFF

The Board of the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation Inc. ('WASFF') is aware of community concern regarding the safety of its members at its events.

The Board is actively working on measures to ensure every SwanCon attendee can expect to enjoy a safe experience at the 2010 and future conventions. This includes putting in place policies and mechanisms to deal with current concerns and future contingencies.

We are following the directions given by our members at the 2009 AGM, and are actively encouraging community input into actions such as a statement of values and expanding membership by-laws. These actions will improve the ability of the Board to act appropriately on incidents of concern. There is a mandated consultation period in implementing these relevant changes to our by-laws.

We ask for some community understanding on the time it has taken and will take to achieve these. WASFF is an incorporated body. This ensures that events such as SwanCon can be organised effectively. It also means that the Board is bound by the laws of Western Australia and has to consider these when making decisions and changes to these by-laws. This does not always allow the Board to make decisions within the fastest timeframe.

The Board would like to make the following points clear.

We aim for all WASFF events to be places where all of our members may enjoy themselves safely. We would like all members to consider the way they act at our events and be aware of not just their rights but the rights of the other attendees. We expect decent respectful behaviour. Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. Members are reminded that WASFF events may be open to public participation and members are expected to behave appropriately and according to the law.

Antisocial behaviour may result in expulsion from the event, exclusion from all WASFF events and legal repercussions.

The Board is especially proud of the achievement of SwanCon, its 35-year history, and does not view favourably any occasion where any past or present member acts in a manner that exposes WASFF to public ridicule or contempt or otherwise prejudice the conduct of its activities or the satisfaction of its objectives.

If a member feels that they cannot attend an event and act in an appropriate responsible manner, we strongly suggest that member reconsider their attendance.

The WASFF Board.
Doug Burbidge (Chair), Elaine Kemp (Treasurer), Russell B. Farr (Administrator), Jaunita Landéese (elected board member), Sarah Parker (elected board member), Julian Ackermann (elected board member), Paul Raj Khangure (Swancon 2009 representative), John Green (Swancon 2010 representative), Alisa Krasnostein (Swancon 2011 representative), Rohan Wallace (Immediate Past Chair).