March 1st, 2010


sick :(

I had a really great birthday extravaganza with much frivolity. Alas on Saturday night, I got sick - either a bug or the worst Crohn's attack I've ever had. I currently suspect it was a violent allergic reaction to chicken salt on my chips at the rugby - fucking MSG! Should be fucking banned.

I spent the second half of my birthday weekend wanting to die. I'm still not over it - well enough to sort of be online, to take a shower and to go get a drink. But all these things need a 2hr lie down recovery afterwards.

The only thing I have is these lovely new sheets from a shopping expedition with C on Saturday morning and Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother. Man I love this show - you cannot watch it in 30 mins weekly slots -- well I can't keep track of this kind of narration that way anyway. I think this is my new favourite show.