March 2nd, 2010


My birthday weekend - it had highs and lows

Well I have finally emerged. Thank goodness. It's so weird when you finally feel back to yourself and realise how bad you felt - change in status freaks me out if I think about it too long.

In all, I think I had a good birthday. Thursday night I met kathrynlinge and we had a catch up drink before we saw the 13 Beautiful Songs ... thing. I love the Astor - I am so still in my Art Deco Phase. And I love Andy Warhol. I find him completely fascinating. They showed 13 screen shots, which was probably about 5 too many, and there was a live band which played songs through these screenings, and talked about who they were and how they knew Warhol and what happened to them. Not a fan of the band (sorry mandysbitch) I was more interested in the Warhol aspects, which were interesting, yes, but was probably a liiiitle too long. Still, I did enjoy it and it was nice to spend time with kathrynlinge.

Friday I had annual leave, which was awesome. I went into work though because I had booked in for a mini health assessment and that was the only day they could fit me in. In a way this was a bit of a downer to do on my birthday. On the other hand, it was also an acknowledgment that this year I am taking my commitments to myself and my health seriously. Sometimes I set my mind really firmly to doing something and then I make it happen. I haven't really been able to do that about this issue. But sometimes I also just do stuff and I don't know where it comes from. I'm hoping that's the case here. In any case, I signed up for the health check to be honest and truthful to myself about some things and to do that in front of a neutral party. They checked blood pressure, cholesterol and iron. And then I got on the Scales. They have all kinds of numbers and percentages and they do that thing they do on the Biggest Loser - give you your metabolic age. Fuck me. That was confronting. And the only thing I could think of when I looked at food the rest of the weekend (until ... and if only ...)

After that I spent some time at my Mum's who was babysitting my niece. I changed her nappy for the first time which brought the question "but *how* did her hand get wet?" and I fed her. Then I nipped off for my three hour day spa treat. I always buy a valentine's day package on sale and use it on my bday and had a salt scrub, steam, hot rock massage and facial. And then a light meal. It was very relaxing. Then I raced off to get fuel, run some errands, feed Benji and head into town to meet catundra. On the way to meeting up with her I broke my heel on my shoe and had to limp through the rest of the night :( And the restaurant had one gluten free veg option and were out of the haloumi cheese and were put out when I couldn't order anything else (oh the irony). Ended up with chicken risotto without the chicken but don't feel welcomed back due to apparently inconveniencing them on a "show night".

We saw "Good Morning Mr Gershwin" which was ... not quite what I was expecting. There was nudity - but only female, all the men's genitalia were tastefully hidden. And well, it was an interesting piece. I'm glad we went but I'm still not sure how to summarise it up. I lost my program so can't refer to their write up. Basically they did modern dance interpretation with Gershwin music in the background. Which was awesome. I sat next to an old lady who loved it (even the pruning of the pubes behind the backlit screen scene) and that was nice cause I always think of my grandmother when I hear Gershwin and she would have loved it too. But ... there were a few things that didn't work for me - the dancers were clearly a mix of classical and hip hop and they didn't quite mesh well on stage together. Classical dancers dance really light and hip hop dancers are much heavier, their centre of gravity feels lower closer to the ground, and that ruined a lot of the group formations and lines. And the moves, especially the hip hop, got really repetitive after an hour. The choreography didn't grow or really go anywhere. There was some interesting pairings and some fun vocal moments. But then the whole thing went somewhere else - it became political, I think? It was odd. And then we had coffee and went home!

Saturday morning maelkann came and picked me up and we met my mum and sister and niece for breakfast. I got an awesome mini processor and a hand held blender thingie - yay!!! Also a bunch of cookbooks for people like me. And then maelkann and I went shoppping and popped home. Where I found a white box with a pink ribbon delivered to my front door - maelkann sent me a box filled with all kinds of boxes and packets of chocolatey things!!! Then we went outlet store sheets shopping. A joke on maelkann turned into a $35 stop at a patchwork shop for me!

We attended the PAniC AGM because a certain person (not me) nominated for a position on their new board (and won). I enjoyed the meeting and the voting (I joined when I went to Waicon) and think they will be an enthusiastic board.

And then we hung out and watched How I Met Your Mother till it was time to go to the rugby. Hmmm. The rugby. There was much twitter build up about this game and I tweeted the first half. But I was starting to feel unwell by the second and switched to listening to one ear bud of the commentary in maelkann's radio. I was eating those dastardly chips all this time. But had a bloated and sore stomach by the end of the game. We headed home and ... well. I've been kind of housebound since then.

But I have enjoyed Season 2 and 3 of How I Met Your Mother, once I felt well enough to move and be able to actually watch television (bout a day after). And the lovely maelkann brought me lemonade and came and stayed with me last night. And I think has banned me from chicken salt for forever.

Even though I spent a really big part of my weekend feeling close to death, I think it was a good birthday all up. See I can say that now that I feel better. I got to see friends and do things and hang out with people I love. It was good. Though I never ever ever want to be that sick again.


I know I am sick when

I took Saturday off the internet - maelkann took my phone and hid my laptop. He passed on messages for me but refused to hand over the phone even when I asked lots of times and used puppy eyes and everything. I went hunting for the laptop a couple of times too.

And then Sunday, he retrieved the laptop, as agreed, checked his email and fussed around for a while (I never let him do that for ages first) and then asked me if I wanted it, and i didn't. I didn't turn the computer back on til Monday, I think. I always wondered just how sick I would have to be do no work on TPP or check my email.

Though to be fair. I had my phone back during the night and did check email in the multiple times I was up :)