March 12th, 2010


Ahh the Ides of March

So it's March which means TAXES to me. And I know, I know, didn't we have this talk last year? Wasn't I going to get my finances in shape so that I didn't have this problem this year? Didn't I blog over the last financial year saying I was doing just that?


Well, in truth, the pain should be better by next tax lodgement, cause of course I'm still lodging 2008/2009 at this point. I did start keeping better records for 2009/2010. I had help developing a better financial tracking spreadsheet for the projects. But I never did actually get the taxes one sorted. Grr. And it all gets a bit much in the trying to sort out my final bottom line because halfway through this I switched to Twelfth Planet Press bank accounts and paypal and got all my paper trail knickers in a knot.

The thing is, I have a paper trail. And an electronic one. But I don't always have the brain power to sit down and sort through it and the job is longer than a weekend's worth of attention span so that when I have started, I've not finished in one go and the OCDer in me needs to then start over again just to be clear I got everything. When really, at some point I just need to draw a line, write down a number and move the hell on. (And I need to be doing my taxes when I am in a ruthless mood to do that).

Anyway, it's tax season again and there's no escaping the pain this year. Again. But I've had a breakthrough brainwave and realised I only need 2 spreadsheets to keep updated and not 3. So hopefully that will help some. When I tackle this damn job again this weekend. Last night I began the warm up with some filing. If at least the study gets tidier as this process continues, at least that will cheer me up some.