March 15th, 2010


ah the weekend, it passes too quickly

It was supposed to be a mellow weekend and I guess it was. I also managed to get a few things done and feel a bit productive by the end.

On the way to the doctor's on Saturday morning, I popped into the opticians, dropped off my glasses that need repair (I've been wearing my dodgy spare pair for months now) and made an appointment for "some point in the future". The receptionist offered that she couldn't make one for some point in the past, which I thought was annoying cause wouldn't that be time efficient! I'll finally get back ontop of the contacts wearing thing too. OMG I procrastinate on this kind of chore running.

I did a gluten free/dairy free food shop and then raced home to meet maelkann and we popped over to jonathanstrahan's for coffee. Was lovely chatting with J and M. We were sitting in the grown up's space where they have these gorgeous floor to ceiling bookcases with like, every SF book ever neatly shelved. I always have quick peeks and imagine sometime actually having read all that stuff. I'm sure J would tell me most of them aren't my thing anyway.

We didn't have time to run the furniture/Spotlight errand afterwards, so we did a food shop and went home and hung out. maelkann helped me out with some stuff I needed. I made smoked salmon sushi for dinner and said goodbye to dairy a few times - I LOVE Athena Yoghurt. I also ate chocolate and mourned the loss of it in my diet. And we watched about half of the first season of The Big Bang Theory, which yes is hilarious but also hits quite close to home often. I fear I might be Sheldon - the episode where he gets sick? Uncomfortable viewing.

Sunday I mooched around and started my taxes. And did filing. It was quite shocking that I actually started this. catundra came over and we had our monthly sewing day. (I didn't go to the WASFF meeting for personal reasons. And felt bad that talmor took one for the team for um, 7 and a half hours.) We both were working on binding of otherwise finished quilts and it was nice to just sit and sew and catch up. I am finally up to binding the Kimono Wallhanging project! I've never binded anything before on account of never having finished anything before. So catundra showed me how to cut the binding, sew the pieces together and then pin and sew. I'm almost all the way round attaching it on one side. Then I have to trim the edges and turn over and do the back. I have two very sore fingers - one on each hand - because I ended up buying the wrong frigging wadding (my dear Mum hand quilted it for me and suffered several injuries because that wadding was not for hand quilting no matter what the woman in the shop said). I'm kinda hoping to finish it off tonight and have it up on the wall behind my bed! That will be one tick off my New Years Resolutions list!