March 17th, 2010


Galactic Suburbia Podcast Episode 2

We recorded the second episode of Galactic Suburbia last night. You can download it for your listening pleasure here or via itunes (it wasn't up when I checked last night but presume it must be soon).

In Episode 2 we talk about:

- Karen Miller's new 7 book deal with Orbit
- The Australian Shadow Awards shortlist
- Scary Kisses edited by Liz Grzyb
- Doctor Who (I fell offline in the middle)
- the Nebula shortlists
- Swancon 2010
- Nicholas Sparks and the romance genre industry
- Jensen Ackles doing Eye of the Tiger (gratuitous link)

What we've been reading
- The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer
- Nepture Noir edited by Rob Thomas
- Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
- Mirrorshades edited by Bruce Sterling
- Women of Wonder edited by Pamela Sargent

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this n that

I must admit that I felt very glamorous last night. I raced home from work, sorted Benji out, did a few things, grabbed a glass of water and sat down to record the Galactic Suburbia podcast with random_alex, cassiphone and aifin. It went well except for my internet being sketchy again and booting me off in the middle.

We had a good long chat and then we recorded our promo which you can also listen to here and then I scooted off to change and then dash off to have dinner with kathrynlinge.

We went to Nine Fine Foods on Bulwer Street in North Perth and it felt very metropolitan - it's this newly built up inner city area and the restaurant was very chic and I'd just hopped off talking to Melb and Tassie and I felt quite the big city gal. Nine Fine Foods comes highly recommended from me - they didn't have a vegetarian main meal option but K had called ahead and they told us that we could request something. I did and the chef sent out this enormous, long plate full of taster sushi. The waitress said that the chef loves vegetarians because he gets to be creative. I said that I loved the chef. I've never had such interesting sushi before - all kinds of things - vegetarian nori rolls and then plain sushi with gorgeous stacks of different things artistically arranged on top, like eggplant and beans and avocado and seaweed salad. So much sushi I couldn't finish it all. And I felt welcomed and appreciated (unlike a recent dining experience where the only vegetarian option was unavailable and they sighed at me like I was inconveniencing them. I'm just the customer.)

I loved Nine Fine Foods and will definitely go back.

What else? Oh yes ... my furry friend at home has this new trick. Just when you are in deep sleep in the wee hours of the morning, he gets off the bed and asks to go to the toilet. You get up, take him out, do the do but he doesn't want to come back to bed. Or he does come back to bed but jumps off and whines and growls and barks and so on. For about 30 mins at which time he goes back outside and then comes back in and goes to sleep. And you are wide awake. He did this at 1.30am today. I decided to circumnavigate this by offering a treat which did get him back into the bedroom. And then I turned on the TV - to AN INFORMERCIAL - which got him for some reason to hop onto the bed, settle down and almost promptly go to sleep - as in flomp! What. The. Fuck? This dog is sent to test me.

No taxes done yesterday. 3L of water drunk. Day 3 of dairyfree and glutenfree diet. I think the sinus infection is starting to clear. Damnit. And I also kind of am starting to just feel better generally. Also damnit.