March 19th, 2010


pausing for breath

Ah this week was always going to feel rushed and it pretty well is. On Wednesday I spent most of the day telling maelkann how I didn't want to go to yoga. It's quite stressful to get to the class in Trigg by 6pm (cross traffic home, toilet, change, feed dog, out and then cross traffic to Trigg all in less than an hour). But I did manage to drag myself to class, on account of how much less stressed I'd feel afterwards and that I could still work on my taxes when I got home by 8. As I was sitting in traffic, I checked my phone and found the teacher had messaged me to say that it would be just me and her. I thought that was fantastic! And it really was - exactly the kind of class I was looking for this week. In fact, she had her mat opposite mine and we did the full 1.5hrs with almost no talking. I can almost do a full ashtanga class without instruction, which is pretty cool. And it left the session to just meditation and taking poses to my personal limit. It was a really nice change. And a really peaceful session.

And then I went home and didn't get any work done because I was knackered. I did, though, work on the binding of my Kimono wallhanging only to discover dodgy ironing meant that um, well lets just say spot repairs have been required and I'm still not finished with the project.

Thursday I had a good outcome on a work project which was a foreign experience to me and was really awesome. And then I headed off to see Chicago at the Burswood Theatre with my uncle and some of his friends. It was a bit of a rush in, see the show, gossip quickly in the interval, more show and then rush home. But that meant the night wasn't too late for me.

I enjoyed the show - I love Chicago and it was a lot of fun. The performances were great, very sexy and well executed. I loved watching all the burlesque moves now that I understand the "sexy/not sexy" dichotomy. Two criticisms - I don't understand why the lead always feels the need to impersonate Liza Minelli in this show. The last time I saw this, I think it was the same. And also when I saw Cabaret. Why can't the lead make Velma her own? Catherine Zeta Jones did in the movie. It gets distracting because you know it's an attempt at an impersonation. The other thing that was also distracting was how much the woman playing Roxy Hart reminded me of Brittany Murphy, in looks, mannerisms and accent. It was really uncanny.

The second criticism is whilst all the dancers were clearly athletic and well trained ... I found their sloppiness in group routines disappointing. Often they were not synchronous and there was no attempt to even out the execution of moves so that some were accentuating hip moves (say) and others not and it ruined the choreography. Also, often group lines were ruined by inequal spacing - that could be because I was sitting offcentre to the stage. In all, I often found myself cringing and unable to enjoy this bits of the show. And when the final dance number was on - with Roxy and Velma, it was the same - movements not quite matched and in time. But I could kind of let that slide because of the characterisation.

It was a good show and I did enjoy it and was glad I went.

Tonight I am racing off to be down in R'ham by some reasonable hour for a work function with maelkann - ooh-er! Actually I'm quite stressed about having to sit in peak hour all the way down.