March 21st, 2010


and that was my weekend

I've had a lovely weekend. It's been pretty much the first weekend maelkann and I both had basically free days both days since we started dating. When we first got together I was a little frustrated because our lives didn't really mesh together straight away (given I can rarely move quickly scheduling-wise myself, I know it was just as much my being busy as him). But that's slowly changed.

Friday night Benji and I got organised and hopped into peak hour traffic and headed down to Rockingham. I played a CD of essays by David Sedaris that my uncle got me for my birthday and that totally kept me company as I crawled down the freeway. It took a really long time but we got there in time to quickly change and rush out. Benji stayed at home and did not behave well for maelkann's housemate. We went off to a work cocktail party which was very exciting. I got to visit Garden Island (which is off limits to the public and a Class A Reserve!) and I got to see maelkann in formal dress. Which was um, a cross between the crew on the Love Boat and someone dressing up as a sailor. I was sort of reminded of an episode of Star Trek TNG where they have to dress up in their formal uniform for some particular diplomatic function and everyone keeps readjusting their jackets and shuffling self-consciously.

I had a really lovely time. I was expecting to feel uncomfortable or awkward and I did when we first arrived and I saw how few partners had gone along. (And I wore the backup dress due to a wardrobe malfunction. Points to me for grabbing two cocktail dresses in my hurry to pack and drive down.) But the XO of the base came and introduced herself which was nice - also weird to be with your partner who is adhering to strict rank etiquette but all the people he is interacting with are introducing themselves to you by their first name. I had made maelkann promise not to leave me the whole evening and then I proceeded to fall into conversation with his last boss and his wife and had a really good time. Mingled across the room from maelkann for most of the evening. And I learned a lot of interesting things. And when I finally went over to the other side of the room and maelkann introduced me to some other people, they told me how proud he'd been pointing me out across the room and telling them about me.

Saturday morning we got up earlier than I'd like (grump, sailors) and headed off to visit editormum's place. She had lovely gluten and dairy free muffins and we had coffee and Benji did not behave at all. maelkann left to go to a meeting and I stayed a little longer before heading up because my dog was misbehaving (yes, yes he is preparing me for parenthood). I ended up watching Grand Designs on Foxtel and doing taxes for the afternoon before heading off to have takeaway with my Mum whilst she was babysitting. I finally finished binding my Kimono Wallhanging (will take photo when it's hanging up and post) and we sat and watched my niece giggle in her sleep. We spent time wondering what on earth a 9 week old baby could have to dream about and giggle at? What would be her life experience? Was she laughing at my dad or her dad and the faces they pull? Was she plotting to take over the world, as soon as she can talk? It was most amusing.

maelkann came back to my place after the rugby and we watched a little bit of Julie and Julia before flaking out. Benji was a pain again at about 2am and I ended up putting on the crappy late night movie for him to watch, which he did. My dog is weird right?

Today we got up also far too early for a Sunday (dunno that I love that so much. Sailors get up really early) and had breakfast at one of our fave cafes. I had gluten and dairy today and will pay for it as I go back into detox tomorrow. Then we went and saw The Blind Side, which I loved. I cried all the way through the whole thing, using up my full day's worth of emotions for the day. I decided I wanted to get back into watching Monday Night Football and checked out the Foxtel Guide to find out that its on at 3pm on Tuesdays. So I decided to finally upgrade my Foxtel given that I'm paying what I am now for a service that I can't really use because it's never showing what I want to watch when I have time. I am now going to have a recording feature which is something I have been avoiding because I don't like the idea of reserving future time to be used for TV watching ( a habit I broke years ago after far too excessive TV tape recording) but thats no different from DVD box sets, I spose. In theory I will now use my Foxtel more and thus it will be worth the upgrade and installation etc. Even though that is going against my current decluttering phase which includes getting rid of excessive expenditure.

maelkann napped for the afternoon and I have just completed 8 hours of taxes. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not quite there yet but I think I could be before the end of the week. Which is kind of exciting. And it is all starting to make sense and fall into place and feel more in control. So that's all very exciting.

In summary, I had a really lovely weekend and especially cause I just got to hang out with maelkann and be. It was nice.