March 24th, 2010


And yet it's still only Wednesday

This week has felt like a month of things has packed into it. And yet it's only Wednesday. Wednesday is yoga day and again, I'm probably going to spend the whole day not wanting to go. I've ended up so behind on my taxes, which I wanted to be totally finished with by the end of this week. And in fact *have* to be, because there are no other weekends between then and after mid April for me. But I probably should go to yoga since I'll be skipping it next week to take Benji off to his boarding holiday ahead of Swancon. Sigh.

Last night I took Benji to the vet. I've been dreading this adventure for quite some time but it ended up being, like all mountains from molehills, not that bad. We hardly barked at very much in the waiting room, which was separated into "cats over there and dogs over here". The vet was a very kind man and gave Benji lots of little treats in order to befriend him. In the end though, Benji ended up with a muzzle on after trying to go for the vet when he tried to examine his bad leg. The vet thinks it's from an old injury which he would have sustained before he went to Poundwatch. :( But not much can be done for it. Benji was very good about getting his injection - didn't phase him at all. But the claw clipping, that was another story and involved being whisked behind the door to where a nurse could assist in holding him. But it was all done very quickly and we won't need to go back till next year.

maelkann and I have been talking over puppy school for Benji. And we'll probably look to get started after Swancon. I've had a few behaviouralists recommended to me and that's probably the way we're going to go. Dog that comes when called, coming to an owner near you!

He's such a naughty thing though. After knocking over my waste paper bin and pulling down all my old, and discarded, half finished craft baskets and what not, he's been going into that mess (see last photo post) and finding TOYS to play with. Last night I found a pom pom in the bedroom. And I was like, WTF? I must have made that pom pom in like 1986! Still, dog toy is probably the best use I've managed to figure out for it in 20 years! What can you do eh? Keeps him entertained! (Most of that junk needs to be tossed out. How long do you keep started craft projects that you will likely never ever return to?)

Thoughts are now focussing for me on my publishing schedule. I've been putting together my dates for books to go to the printer for vodkandlime (aka Graphic Design Department :P) who's designing them for me, so that I should definitely have them all in time for Aussiecon 4 (beginning of September). And then, beyond that for 2011 and Swancon 36/Natcon 50 and so on. And I had a bit of a panic, I'll admit. I've suddenly realised I need to do 9 books this year on that timeline rather than the 6 that will be out in 2010, alone. I'm doing this transition, I guess, from small press schedules where I was making sure I had cashflow from the last book to be able to afford the next one, to somethng a bit more like a pro indie press. And I'm taking a bit of a leap in 2011 and it turns out, that means I need to get my skates on ... NOW!


mark 2

Grr lj ate my last post.

Here's a photo my friend N sent me of the CBD under water - here's what we meant by "so much water around":

The aftermath of this kind of event, now called a natural disaster by the Premier, is interesting to watch. People seem so much closer to each other - there's an ease of conversation because everyone has an account to retell. And everyone genuinely wants to hear it, to gauge how others' experiences compare. It's rare to find anyone who has weathered the storm without damage of some kind. People seem kinder, more understanding - giving people more slack. And everywhere I go, there's carpet roped off, drying out.

My yoga teacher has cancelled tonight's class due to storm damage - just the gardens, thankfully, and not the studio. I shall spend the evening neck deep in taxes. I want to report real progress in terms of passing milestones by the end of tonight.

I'm suffering with sinus symptoms after my one bowl of icecream and some milk chocolate from two nights ago! I guess this dairy free thing is here to stay. (*sobs* but i lOVE cheese!) The good news is that the lactose free milk didn't affect me like this last week, so that's at least something. And a big shout out to dairy free kosher dips, cause they rock!


Ahhh productivity

I just told Benji that we were allowed to stop working at 11pm so I think I'll follow through with that by posting what I did tonight and then relaxing a bit before bed.

I'm quite glad that yoga was cancelled and I didn't have to feel guilty about not going! I worked on the tax spreadsheets and have finally gotten all (5 years worth) of the paypal transactions entered and double checked. Phew. That's a great incentive to enter the rest as I go now, forever, into this swanky sleek new excel template. I do have a few more things to do for this but the microtransactions are the most fiddly. Once all the data is entered, and sent off to the tax man, I can do a bunch of reconciliation type stuff that I am still dreading. But then it will be DONE and that will be awesome.

I also cleaned up the mess from Monday night. Funny dog. He absolutely shredded a cane basket - I have no idea how he didn't hurt himself doing that - a wicker basket in teeny pieces! I was quite amused though going through what did get shredded. He has managed to assist me in the declutter by seemingly only attacking things that I didn't really want but didn't have what it took to toss out - the basket (what do you do with these when you don't want them anymore?), a bunch of knitting WIP bits and pieces from a project from 15 years ago, a cheap white board that was always crap and that I didn't know what to do with once I replaced it and a poster that I presented at some conference during postgrad. All shredded and now tossed. The room looks neater and more organised than it was before the storm!

And since I was there, I moved some yarn stash and packed it away to make room for my fabric stash. OMG I have SO MUCH sock yarn. I may never need to buy sock yarn ever again and will still have too much sock yarn. Seriously. I think I needed to be in therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder YEARS ago! I squinted and tried not to think about it. At least I have a niece now who I can knit for who will grow and need new knitted things in bigger sizes. This explains my lack of gusto in stashing up on fabric.

And my kitchen is all neat and tidy and organised. There is nothing like going to bed with a clean kitchen sink. And the hallway is mostly clutter free. Handyman/gardner is coming next week to look at a hinge that needs fixing and some help with some tidy up in the gardens. Banking has been sorted (though I sighted another unbanked cheque in my clean up this evening) and some forms lodged for some TPP stuff.

A good evening, I think, all in all. Tomorrow, more taxes after my eye appointment. And more editing. So much more editing ...