March 25th, 2010


Ahhh ... gaffes, eh?

So, the Obama and the Senate have achieved health reform for the US. It's not perfect, it will need tinkering, hopefully it's not done. Speaking as someone who has always had access to the medical treatment I have needed, I feel very lucky to live in a country where the government and the people consider healthcare a basic need that everyone should have access to.

So, after all the "Obama hasn't done anything since he's gotten into Office" lamenting that has gone on, I lay back last night and thought about what a really big (fucking) deal passing this bill is. Like, it's a big (fucking) deal. Hopefully it won't be the only thing Obama does whilst in office and hopefully he will use it as his personal motivation - if he can do that, he can do anything.

And then I thought about Joe Biden. Cause how can you not? Don't you all think about Joe Biden when kicking back and relaxing after a tough day?

What I was thinking though was, what was Obama thinking? I couldn't find the exact moment captured on still camera with his expression after Biden leans in and says to him "This is a big fucking deal."

Was he thinking, "Dude! I'm micced!"
Was he thinking, "Man he has a potty mouth!"

No, I think he was thinking, "You think I didn't know?!"

Announcement: ASif! Upgrade

It's been leaked a bit about the net and I know it's in Google search engines already so ...

I'm proud to announce the new website link for ASif: Australian Specfic in Focus:

After 5 wonderful years and over 800 reviews, it's time for us to move to a different format. We will be keeping all the past reviews archived exactly where they are at I'd like to thank curufea for his generous hosting of the site and his spectacular webmaster skills (and patience) since the project's beginnings. ASif! would never have gotten where it is today without his assistance and generosity. I'd also like to thank Mit for driving the upgrade and designing both the header and the new website. Thank you also to those who helped discuss the evolution of the site in detail behind the scenes. And finally, thank you to electricant for his editorship in 2008 and 2009. And to the reviewers who accept assignments and turn in reviews no matter what else is going on.


And for announcement number 2

Twelfth Planet Press is announcing a reading period for our 2011 Anthology: Speakeasy. All the details are over at twelfthplanet here.

Speakeasy is a roaring, lively and exciting new original anthology, edited by Alisa Krasnostein and published by Twelfth Planet Press. It will blend art deco with urban fantasy, the Charleston with the vampire and the flapper with the noir detective. It will be fast paced, action packed and well dressed. Stories in the vein of Dorothy Parker's "Flappers: A Hate Song" will also be considered.

For a number of reasons, I'm moving towards a publishing schedule where I am working a year ahead of book releases.

Please feel welcome to spread the submission call far and wide.