April 8th, 2010


I'm not a feminist, but

Article at The Guardian

"I'm not a feminist, but …" is a way of telling the world that we don't pose too much of a threat. It's a way of saying that we don't plan to rock the boat too much, that we will play nice. And yet, feminists are people who dare to imagine a world in which women are 50% of Congress, where women are paid 100% of what their male colleagues earn and where every person who violates another human being is reported, prosecuted and convicted.


a day off

Yesterday I had a proper day off - not the kind where you hang out with friends or catch up on a book you're dying to read or go shopping to hell with the budget. I had a day where I got things done. Stuff that I don't normally have time to do or are really hard to get to when you work full time and commute. Ahhh ... soooo gooood.

I woke up early to finish moving stuff out of the TV Room before the carpet cleaner arrived. This of course woke me truly up and I just started pottering around. By the time he left at about 10, I'd unpacked from Swancon, balanced the Twelfth Planet Press sales from Swancon and started tidying up my study. Benji had a great time supervising the cleaning and it was really good that the carpet cleaning guy loves dogs - he didn't mind at all!

The carpets took about an hour to dry so I put Benji outside and went and ran some errands! I picked up my contact lenses - the chore I was starting out on the afternoon of the big storm. And then I made it to the post office that used to be my local one ... in the before time. I've tweeted a bit about this saga. I bought some fabric (charm squares and a set of fashion fabrics that are smaller than fat quarters) on ebay and realised at some point that they should have taken less than 10 days to get here from Queensland. On looking into it to email the store, I realised, to my horror, that my ebay account was the only thing I had not updated since moving out from where I lived with the ex. Fuck. That meant it had gone to their place. Damnit. I emailed the store to let them know that possibly the parcel may be returned to sender and they wrote back to tell me that according to them, the parcel was sitting at the particular post office. I ummed and ahhed on Twitter and then was encouraged to call and see if I'd be able to collect it. It was there and I could and yesterday I managed to get there and do it. And it turns out that my driver's license still lists that address on the front as my address (you get a sticker to add to the back when you move). And I collected the parcel. Noted though that the post master told me he'd sent a reminder to the address and wondered why that wasn't redirected to me (I have cancelled the redirect, it being more than 3 years now). So that means that they got at least 2 notices of my parcel which they ignored. I'm not surprised by that. I saw him do that to his ex before me whom he'd run a business with and was still getting tax information etc addressed to him for her. It's not surprising and it's not really hurtful anymore. It's ... what it is, I guess.

Funnily, though, the way the ebay lady was all "email me and let me know how it goes" after sending advice on whether I could collect it etc, reminded me of this situation my mother was in once. She accidentally posted her house keeping money - you know when you're busy and overwhelmed and whatever, she'd had it in an envelope and accidentally posted it! And she emailed the office of where it ended up - in America! And that woman was all "I will look out for it and SEND IT BACK!" and she did!!!

Anyway. I went into the city and had lunch with A_ whom I've not caught up with since she moved jobs. That was lovely. And then back to do tax, house tidy, laundry and so on. The house is looking neater and more organised. The taxes are so nearly done! I can hardly believe it! The carpet looks great. And I am nearly sorted for my trip this weekend.

I also watched Whip It last night - which I thought was a bit meh. I thought the main plot was weak. Though rollerderby looks AWESOME and maelkann and I are going to go see the local league some time. (Damn that's the sound of me missing the weekly rubbish collection)

Benji is settling back in at home - he's off to my parents' tonight. I was warned he'd sleep for three days and he's been very subdued. It seems he was hanging out with a Dalmatian all weekend and is EXHAUSTED! It's pretty funny. I have a perfectly well behaved puppy at the moment.


Packing and works in progress

I hate packing. Even though all I had to do was unpack from Swancon, wash and reload. I've unpacked and washed and am procrastinating on the reload. Probably starting to cut it a bit fine. I'm struggling with how much I need to pack in terms of books and craft. When I was packing for Swancon I asked maelkann if it was weird that I was going to pack a book or two and he just looked up at me and said, "I packed a book." Ahh to be amongst one's people again.

So I have a book that is about 100 pages to finish, one graphic novel with only one chapter left to read, another graphic novel and a couple of stories from Sprawl to edit. And maybe I'll throw in a pair of socks I'm knitting. Surely that's enough? I always overestimate how fast I read. I think it's in part because I vary between being highly focussed and only working/reading one thing, till I'm not. And then I get so distracted as though, if I don't also try and read that or work on that project, I'll run out of time but all I end up doing is starting a bunch of things and not finishing any of them. Instead of systematically reading one book/ working on one project till I finish that one and then move on. Grrr. I am irritating myself today.